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Party with Porky

Jimmy Fowler
PETA members and cabbage heads, avert your eyes: Sunday afternoon (Apr 17) 4-7pm, Texas Toast Culinary Tours will present an “Urban Chuck Wagon Pig-Pickin’” food party at Rahr & Sons Brewery, 704 Galveston Av...

Cover Songs on Movie Soundtracks: A Brief History

Kristian Lin
I appreciate a good movie soundtrack when I hear one, and in between feeling guilty about failing to mention The Chemical Brothers’ propulsive soundtrack to Hanna in my review of the film, I’ve been listening to the Sucker ...

Thrift Art Gallery Show and Auction Set

Anthony Mariani
Is Chris Blay’s annual Thrift Art Gallery Show and Auction going mainstream? Nah. It’s just getting bigger. On Sat., Apr. 30, at William Campbell Contemporary Art (4935 Byers Ave., West Side, 817-737-9566) –– that’s r...

Hoist a Bud to Richie Budd

There’s more to this Fort Worth artist than frat-holes getting wasted inside a glass case.
Fort Worth artist Richie Budd is accustomed to all kinds of unusual reactions to his sculptural installations and so-called “performative sculptures.” But his favorite response so far may be from a New York blogger who took...

Brewfest in Photos

Anthony Mariani
Special thanks to photog John Moore, who took the snaps below last weekend during the inaugural Brewfest on Crockett. Evidently, about 3,000 people clicked through throughout the day. See ya next year.

Chopping from the Top

Proposed school district budget cuts aim at lower-paid workers, skipping most administrators.
“Every time we are asked to make cuts, we start at the bottom, not the top,” said Fort Worth schools trustee Carlos Vasquez. “I have asked that we start at the top, but it never happens. … We are asked instead to cut te...

Film Shorts

OPENING: Miral (PG-13) Julian Schnabel’s adaptation of Rula Jebreal’s novel stars Freida Pinto as a Palestinian girl who must choose between violent jihad and non-violent activism while growing up in Israel in the 1960s. Al...

Night & Day

WED ? 13 “I was in a cab in New York. The cab had a sign ‘Please do not smoke. Christ is our unseen guest.’ … I figure if he could overcome being nailed to a cross, I don’t think a Marlboro Light’s gonna faze him th...

Clouds of Suspicion

A small storm has broken out in the Fort Worth school district over nearly identical letters sent by two school board trustees to the Texas House Energy Resources Committee regarding a bill that would put gas wells farther away...

A-Roy’s Not Rough

Though about to get his master’s, rapper Alan Royal has just released a stellar debut.
Last fall, when Alan Royal started rapping in front of live audiences, he would introduce himself as “just a regular guy who likes hip-hop.” Royal, however, is anything but a regular hip-hop fan. Or artist. A-Roy, as he’s...