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Abbott (After Fighting For Voter ID) Threatens UN Observers

Andrew McLemore
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott “should be better informed,” said Daan Everts, an ambassador with the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe. That painful title belongs to a group that monitors elec...


Dia de los Muertos at the Rose Marine

Jimmy Fowler
There’s so much to love about Dia de Los Muertos, the Mexican national holiday that celebrates the “dearly departed” who have never really left our lives. The festivities are a funny-sad-scary storm of candy, alcohol, da...

Mitt Romney speaking in Detroit in February. COURTESY OF AUSTEN HUFFORD.

Texas Newspapers Line Up Behind Romney/Ryan Ticket

Andrew McLemore
Texas is a red state (though possibly not for long), so maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that all but one of the state’s large-circulation newspapers have endorsed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney fo...

BIG TEX (photo by traveling fools of america).

Howdy, Blown Opportunity: Big Tex To Return The Same

Jeff Prince
Look at that picture of Big Tex. I mean really look at it. Imagine that Big Tex had never been seen before, and State Fair of Texas officials decided to install a new mascot at the front gate this year. The day of the big unvei...

Don McLeroy, former chairman of the Texas Board Of Education and a guy who believes T-Rexes lived on Noah's Arc.

T-Rex Lived On Noah’s Ark: Film Recaps Texas Textbook Battle

Andrew McLemore
Okay, today we’ll start class with a pop quiz: What do hip-hop, evolution and Thomas Jefferson all have in common? Answer: They were all stricken from Texas textbooks by the group of evangelicals that sit on the Texas Sta...


He Said, We Said

Mudslinging in the Texas Senate race between incumbent Wendy Davis and challenger Mark Shelton has splattered on little ol’ Fort Worth Weekly. Shelton pounced on one perceived Davis weakness that even Weekly staffers had long...

Gerard Butler stars as a legendary surfer in Chasing Mavericks opening Friday.

Film Shorts

OPENING: Beauty Is Embarrassing (NR) Neil Berkeley’s documentary profile of artist Wayne White. (Opens Friday in Dallas) Blues for Willadean (NR) Del Shores adapts his own play about an abused Texas housewife (Beth Grant) who...


Night & Day

WED ▪ 24 On the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, local spoken-word poet Natasha Carrizosa hosts Natty Roots & Rhyme, a poetry open-mic with music by DJ Boladi, at Jamaica Gates, 1020 W Arkansas Ln, Arlington. A...


Water Restrictions?

Dried Up
There’s the hydrological cycle, which describes how water moves across the earth, and then there’s the “hydro-illogical cycle,” which describes the painfully short memories of Americans after a drought. “It’s where ...

Last Call


Saturday night, after a disappointing bowl of pho from Phuong in Haltom City (this is what I get for cheating on Pho 95), I headed west on Belknap Street, bound for the third annual Lolaspalooza at Lola’s Saloon. To be fair, ...