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WOULD YOU LIKE A CIGARETTE WITH YOUR BLINDFOLD? (flickr photo by beatingtheinvincible18)

Different Lede, Same Nut Graf

Jeff Prince
The economy sucks and everybody has to take a week off without pay. I’ve paraphrased, but that’s how Fort Worth Star-Telegram Publisher Gary Wortel began a March 22, 2010 inner office memo to staff. Here’s the...


Coffee House Confidential

Eric Griffey
As a slacker teen, I was lucky enough to get a job at a coffee house called The Noble Bean on Camp Bowie, next to the old Sardines Restaurant. We didn’t really do much in the way of work – we mostly sat around and hung out ...

Human brain on white background

About That Asperger’s Post…

Before I’m lynched by an angry crowd of Asperger’s/autism advocates, let me clarify: My intent with last Friday’s “Blotch” post wasn’t to offend anyone living with the spectrum of conditions associated with autism. ...

One size fits all.

Sports! Knees! Murder!

The NFL playoffs began this past weekend and were as lackluster as you probably imagined though not nearly as lackluster and bone-dry boring as next week’s games will be. All of the favorites won, handily, yesterday and Satur...

Food and Wine

Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival Sets A Date

Eric Griffey
The organizers of the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival, scheduled for March 27-30, 2014, launched a snazzy new website today that gives some more details on the upcoming shindig. According to the site, the four-day event “plan...

brink story

Betty Brink On Immortality

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth Weekly writer Betty Brink‘s obituary included an excerpted paragraph from an article she’d written about seeing the birth of her first grandchild. The passage was beautiful and reminded people, including ...

Matthew McConaughey

The Best Supporting Performances of 2012

Kristian Lin
I don’t expect all these performances to be nominated come Oscar time, but then my picks for the best supporting performances of the year never match up with the Academy voters’, or my fellow critics’. (This is especially...

Human brain on white background

Bye Bye, Asperger’s: Now What’s Wrong With Me?

Have you heard? Everyone’s favorite vague but strangely appealing diagnosis, Asperger’s Syndrome, is going away in May: The upcoming new edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual, the DSM-5, is d...


Non-Smoking Bars in Fort Worth

Eric Griffey
If you’re like me, you love coming home after a night on the town soaked in cigarette smoke, with a cough reminiscent of a barking seal’s mating call. In case your sarcasm meter is turned off, coming home after sitting in a...

(flickr photo by chipdatajeffb)

Bringing Back The Horny Toad

Jeff Prince
Sure, you got your lion, tigers, and bears and a million other cool species of animals, but, for my money, none of them top the phrynosoma cornutum, or horny toad. I’ve heard them called horned frogs and horned lizards, b...