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Morning New Roundup, Jul 6

Jeff Prince
Complaints About Red Dots The Fort Worth Fire Department’s twitter feed on July 4 illustrated the polar opposite approaches to Independence Day. The fire department showed red dots on a map indicating where complaints about ...

same sex

Texas State Workers Can Apply For Same-Sex Benefits Today

Jeff Prince
It didn’t take long for Texas to notify state employees about how to enroll for benefits for same-sex spouses. The Texas Employees Retirement System sent out emails to its employees on June 30 telling them that benefits e...

(photo courtesy Panther Island Pavilion web site)

Morning News Roundup, Jun 30

Jeff Prince
Tubing At Panther Island Pavilion Just in time for Fourth of July, tubing resumes at Panther Island Pavilion. Now, I bet you’re expecting some smart-ass remark about how weird it is that people voluntarily getting into a rive...

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Morning News Roundup, Jun 29

Jeff Prince
We’re So Two-Dimensional This three-dimensional world we live in might really be flat but we’re living in a hologram that makes it look 3-D to us. It’s simple physics. You didn’t know that? What Is Fort Worth’s Id...

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Equal at Last

Discriminatory, anti-gay marriage bans violate the Constitution. That’s the ruling of a 5-4 vote by the Supreme Court today that divided liberal and conservative judges. Justice Anthony Kennedy gave what may be the most poign...

HUDSON MOORE IS AT LEVITT PAVILION TONIGHT. (photo courtesy Hudson Moore web site)

News Roundup: June 19, 2015

Jeff Prince
Ag Commissioner Wants Your Children Dead Does the state’s new agricultural commissioner own stock in Crisco? Sid Miller took the unusual step of repealing the state’s ban on deep fryers in public schools, and eased up on re...


UT-Arlington Study Links Fracking To Groundwater Contamination

Jeff Prince
Yesterday’s News Roundup told you about the puckering sound coming from Fort Worth’s Range Resources, a gas drilling company facing an $8.9 million fine from Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection. (The...


Best Jokes On Jeff Ross’s Comedy Roast At Texas Jail

Jeff Prince
Comic Jeff Ross brandished his razor wit at a Texas jail and sliced and diced men and women inmates with his biting brand of insult comedy. And we the viewers are the better for it. Ross is typically funny on TV specials, and h...


News Roundup: June 15, 2015

Jeff Prince
We’re No. 62! We’re No. 62! The headline sounds snarky. But, really, being No. 62 is pretty impressive considering it’s a list of the 101 best hamburgers in America. The Love Shack “Dirty Love” burger beat out every o...

TELEGRAPH CANYON LOGO (courtesy Telegraph Canyon)

News Roundup: June 12, 2015

Jeff Prince
Toll Increase Coming A friend uses Chisholm Trail Parkway because he saves $10 in gas on his commute, which covers the cost of the toll. Most local drivers, though, seem to avoid toll roads unless it saves them a whole lot of t...