Rust Belt’s Time in the Sun

Let’s be clear. Urban Meyer is a jerk. With Ohio State up by 15 points with mere seconds left in the national championship game last night and his offense on Oregon’s 2 yardline, he chose to not run out the clock by taking ...


Uber Offering Helicopter Rides to Championship Game

Eric Griffey
Traffic around AT&T Stadium in Arlington is going to be intense today. But if you really want to get to the College Football Playoff Championship game in style, Uber is offering ‘copter rides for a measly $350.  The ...


One Play Determines Cowboys’ Fate?

Like a crazy person, I’ve been screaming –– for years –– that the NFL splits too many flippin’ hairs now, which does nothing but slow down games a ton, which, especially for fans of teams that may finally be gaining...

top 5

Top 5 Shows

1.) Lots of out-of-towners are among us this weekend, here for the big college football playoff championship game between Ohio State and Oregon on Monday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, and we can only assume that at least so...

Concept art of a spaceship from "Jodorowsky's Dune."

The Best Documentaries of 2014

Kristian Lin
Just like last year, I’m putting this list out at an opportune time. My top documentary of the year (and one of my best movies of the year) is currently playing in Dallas, and, as I mentioned on our Night & Day page, it w...


Cowboys Given New Life

I felt sick. Nauseous. Disgusted. Dirty. I had just watched NFL referees give away a game. To my favorite team. Did the Pittsburgh Steelers deserve to be in the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks in 2005? Absolutely. Could...

Smooth-pop-rocker Son of Stan will welcome 2015 tonight at Shipping & Receiving.

Top 5 Shows

1.) Two of the nicest people in town, Nicole Ofeno and Raef Payne, will be following their creative dreams to New York City soon, and for their bon voyage party –– tonight at Shipping & Receiving (201 S. Calhoun St., 81...


Top 5 Shows

1.) To help raise funds for Ashley, a young woman battling cancer, a bunch of talented local lads and lasses will gather on Saturday night at The Grotto (517 University Dr., 817-882-9331). The headliners will be the loud and ro...

Mara Lee Miller's Bosque Brown is back after a long hiatus.

Top 5 Shows

1.) After a few relatively quiet years, Bosque Brown, the relatively quiet Fort Worth/Seattle duo of frontwoman Mara Lee Miller and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Grant Buller, has new material. To celebrate the release of the fo...


Open Call for Artes de la Rosa Resident Acting Company

This is exciting news for the North Texas theater scene: It was recently announced that Artes de la Rosa, the performing and visual arts arm of Fort Worth’s historic Rose Marine Theater, would create a resident acting company...