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Texas Sharon Wilson Still Drilling Drillers

Jeff Prince
A single mom living in the country outside of Fort Worth got bullied by gas drillers years ago and made it her mission to fight against Big Oil’s intrusion into people’s lives. A decade later, Sharon Wilson is still...


April 15: Time To Pay Taxes More Or Less

Jeff Prince
People paid no federal income tax back in the country’s early days. A hundred years ago, the tax rate for most individuals was a measly 1 percent. The rate stayed in the single digits until the 1940s. Wars aren’t ch...


Feds Pat Fort Worth On Back For Conserving Energy

Jeff Prince
Remember growing up and dear ol’ dad jumped your ass for not turning off the light when you left a room? Or he turned red and screamed after you left the front door open? Dad wanted/needed to save money. And he expected h...

THE VEGGIE VAN IS ROLLING (photo courtesy of Cold Springs Farm)

Chicken Rental Woman Now Helming Veggie Van

Jeff Prince
The woman who’s been renting chickens to city folks is now delivering organic goodies in her Veggie Van. “The Veggie Van is a fun and unique way for people to buy fruits and vegetables they may not think to try at the g...

Matt Krause

Matt Krause Sees Indiana Mess, Thinks “Let’s Have Some!”

Kristian Lin
The entire country is looking at the mess in Indiana over their Religious Freedom Restoration Act and doesn’t like what it sees. Companies, sports teams, celebrities, Indiana’s largest newspaper, and other states all critic...

WILLIE NELSON (courtesy Wikepedia)

Willie Nelson Abandons Cowtown For Austin

Jeff Prince
Willie Nelson has left behind more than a few women, and he’s abandoned quite a few cities as well. The dude gets around. But it’s always an honor when Nelson picks Fort Worth as the site of his annual July 4 Picnic...

Whitnye Raquel (courtesy of Whitnye's Facebook page)

Whitnye Raquel Is Figuring Out This Artist Thing

Jeff Prince
The cover story on wild and crazy singer-songwriters (“Music on the Edge,” Dec. 22, 2014) struggling to succeed in an overcrowded and underpaid music scene was supposed to include numerous profiles of local artists ...


Top 5 Shows

1.) The Bomb Factory (2713 Canton St., 214-932-6501) celebrated its grand opening (reopening?) last night with a show by one of Dallas’ biggest musical exports, singer-songwriter Erykah Badu. On Saturday the sprawling Deep El...

KIM KARDASHIAN GETS PAMPERED (courtesy of wikipedia)

Mark Cuban Could Have Avoided Lamar Odom Fiasco

Jeff Prince
It’s surprising that Mark Cuban, a guy who stars on reality TV, apparently wasn’t watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloe & Lamar several years ago. If he’d been keeping up with those shows he w...


Keeping A Low Profile Not Always Easy For Irish Travellers

Jeff Prince
The Irish Travellers have forayed back into the news as they inevitably do. This time members of the Gypsy group have been connected to murder and insurance fraud, as reported by Deanna Boyd and Melody McDonald in the Fort Wort...