Around Fort Worth

Burning Hotels on Drummer Split

Anthony Mariani
Regarding the departure of The Burning Hotels‘ drummer Wyatt Adams, frontman Chance Morgan issued a statement, not placing blame, though you can tell by his words that a stylistic divergence had occurred.  The split has ...

Rudolph and Hermey, Together Again

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s ”Stage” page features a cool conversation with Joe Sturgeon, Casa Manana’s director of children’s theater and the man responsible for the world premiere musical Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – based not...

Burning Hotels Part With Drummer?

Anthony Mariani
Based on the lineup listed on the Fort Worth post-punk band’s Facebook page, drummer Wyatt Adams is no longer part of the group. Adams is one of the most skilled stickmen in the business. More later. 33

Will City Council End Streetcar Study?

Jimmy Fowler
The new urbanism website Fortworthology is predicting that anti-streetcar forces on the city council  – with Kathleen Hicks out of town and Mayor Moncrief voting with the “anti-“ faction – have the numbers to kill com...

Onion Satirizes TCU

Anthony Mariani
TCU’s entrance into the Big East gets the Onion treatment. The NCAA league, according to the humor website, will accept TCU — but only if the university brings hot chicks. 33

The ‘Phibs Do “Intimacy”

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight (Monday Dec 6) at 7pm, Amphibian Productions presents a staged reading of Rajiv Joseph’s bleak relationship comedy All This Intimacy at The Modern. The playwright’s central character is a male poet who callously man...

Tarleton State In Eye Of Open Records Storm

Jeff Prince
Journalists, journalism professors and students, and open government advocates across the nation are tuned in to a drama playing out at Tarleton State University after questions arose whether school policy prevents instructors...

Moncrief Goes Atheist Hunting

Jimmy Fowler
For some reason, Mayor Moncrief decided to turn a manufactured controversy (the atheist T bus ads) into a legitimate one by issuing a statement today. It reads, in part: “I totally disagree with (the Fort Worth Transportation...

Hip Tips/Weekender

Anthony Mariani
Lola’s will be the place to be this weekend. There are great shows tonight (Friday) and tomorrow. On Saturday, EPIC RUINS will celebrate the vinyl release of their spellbinding debut album, Void Mariner and the Mystic Boogie ...

Atheists Gone Wild!

Jimmy Fowler
Calm down, people, and find a couch before you faint: Those atheist signs on the T are no big deal. In fact, consider yourself lucky. If hardcore non-believers like Chris Hitchens or Richard Dawkins had written them, they’d s...