Around Fort Worth

It’s Official — Wade Phillips Gone

Jeff Prince
ESPN is reporting that Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones fired his head coach and replaced him with former journeyman quarterback and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Keep the changes coming, Jerry. It...

Hey, Jerry, Change Comes From Within

Jeff Prince
Changes are on the way, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones hinted after his 1-7 team embarrassed themselves again on national TV last night. But he offered no specifics. And he certainly didn’t suggest t...

Son, Rise For Sunset

Jeff Prince
The Texas Railroad Commission and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality are two state agencies that monitor natural gas drilling and its impact on the environment. The doggedness of both agencies is often questioned. Cr...

817 Hip-Hop Around the Clock

Anthony Mariani
The Fort Worth Music Co-Op recently invited rapper Dru B Shinin to host a hip-hop night at The Cellar (2916 W. Berry St. by TCU, 817-923-6116). The first event happened last week, and, according to Weekly writer Caroline Collie...

President Rick Perry?

Jimmy Fowler
Although folks of a left-leaning persuasion have plenty to gripe about after Tuesday’s elections, the world continues to turn. Congressional Republicans are already willfully misreading the results as a mandate against Obama ...

Orthodox Fuzz Drummer Valdez Dead

Anthony Mariani
Jeremiah Valdez, drummer for the Fort Worth stoner-metal band Orthodox Fuzz, passed away on Tuesday night, according to an announcement on the band’s Facebook page. No word yet on the cause of death. 34

Price Is Right Story Reads Like Melody

Jeff Prince
To fledgling writers currently traipsing the hallways in Tarrant County’s fine establishments of higher education: This is an excellent example of storytelling. Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer Melody McDonald takes a friv...

Feed Your Head in Arlington

Jimmy Fowler
The cable channel IFC has recently been airing reruns of the short-lived, much-loved 1999 TV show Freaks and Geeks. Paul Feig and Judd Apatow’s comedy about life in a suburban high school circa 1980 is chock full of classic r...

Rangers Deserve To Be Slapped

Jeff Prince
That’s right, the Rangers deserve to be slapped on the back for a job well done. Great season guys. The team played exciting baseball, fought their way farther into the playoffs than ever, and didn’t collapse until ...

Future Art Films at 1455 W. Magnolia

Kristian Lin
Some of you have no doubt been following Citizen Theater, James Johnston and Amy McNutt’s longstanding project to found a Fort Worth movie theater specializing in art-house films. Well, the news came down over the weekend...