Around Fort Worth

Know When To Fold ‘Em

Jeff Prince
This singer is coming to Fort Worth — and appears very surprised about it. The big surprise is people still pay $44-$66 a ticket to see him perform (8 pm Friday at Bass Hall).

Anti-Gay Group at City Hall Tonight

Jimmy Fowler
Curtis Smith, pastor of Arlington’s Trinity Metropolitan Community Church, is calling on the LGBT community and its supporters – especially the Christians among them – to attend tonight’s (Tuesday) 7pm meeting of the Fo...

Paste Magazine Sings Transient Songs

Anthony Mariani
I recently wrote about Telegraph Canyon for Paste magazine, an award-winning national pop-culture publication whose online presence features an almost-daily column entitled Best of What’s Next. Last week’s subject was anoth...

Chupacabra Fever: Catch It!

Jimmy Fowler
The humidity is stifling, August heat is just around the corner, but I got a glimpse of October and Halloween on the horizon when tonight’s 6pm broadcast of NBC Channel 5 news lead off with a story about two ”chupacabras”...

Josephine Mahaffey Exhibit at Arts Center

Jeff Prince
It’s fitting that Fort Worth painter Josephine Mahaffey’s nickname is “The Texas Dynamo.” A prolific, enthusiastic painter, she would slather watercolors on almost any surface that wasn’t moving. Paper sacks, note pad...

Ricky Lynn Gregg, Rusty Burns Reunite Saturday

Jeff Prince
Classic rock lovers will get an ear full on Saturday night. Anybody hanging out at rock clubs in the 1970s and 1980s remembers SAVVY, Head East, Point Blank, US Lords, and other bands that made Cowtown such a hopping party town...

Two Fort Worth Super-Group Shows

Anthony Mariani
Two new super-groups have big shows coming up. A band you first read about here way back in September of O-9, EPIC RUINS will perform at Lola’s Saloon (3726 W. 6th St., 817-877-0666) on Fri., Sept. 17. Featuring Jordan Richar...

Man Tramples Kid At Ballpark

Jeff Prince
If you’re thinking a 25-year-old man risking his life and falling three-stories just to nab a foul ball is one cerveza short of a six-pack, how about the actions of this other “adult” at last night’s Rangers...

UNT Lands Jake Heggie

Kristian Lin
This is quite a coup for the UNT School of Music: They’ve just announced that Jake Heggie will be their artist in residence for the upcoming academic year. The composer is fresh from staging his new opera Moby-Dick at Dal...

Blogging Can Lead To Flogging

Jeff Prince
There’s nothing like getting up early and driving to work to celebrate the Independence Day weekend. Yay Independence! We have three writers and an editor here today. We’ve got a cover story to get ready for Wednesday...