Around Fort Worth

Man Tramples Kid At Ballpark

Jeff Prince
If you’re thinking a 25-year-old man risking his life and falling three-stories just to nab a foul ball is one cerveza short of a six-pack, how about the actions of this other “adult” at last night’s Rangers...

UNT Lands Jake Heggie

Kristian Lin
This is quite a coup for the UNT School of Music: They’ve just announced that Jake Heggie will be their artist in residence for the upcoming academic year. The composer is fresh from staging his new opera Moby-Dick at Dal...

Blogging Can Lead To Flogging

Jeff Prince
There’s nothing like getting up early and driving to work to celebrate the Independence Day weekend. Yay Independence! We have three writers and an editor here today. We’ve got a cover story to get ready for Wednesday...

First Friday On The Green Canceled Tonight

Jeff Prince
Tonight’s “First Friday on the Green” concert has been cancelled due to weather, so you won’t be able to sit down on the lawn, drink a beer, and watch Fate Lions, Chatterton, and Eric Tipton tonight. However, fret not ...

Fort Worth Art Show Today, Tomorrow

Jeff Prince
Check out the killer artwork available at the Collectors of Fort Worth Art annual show and sale. The show starts at 5 pm today and continues tomorrow at the Community Arts Center. Of course, every Fort Worth art collection ough...

Telegraph Canyon Gets a Taste of “Paste”

Jimmy Fowler
Kudos to fave 817 songsters Telegraph Canyon for getting a nod in the ”Best of What’s Next” department of Paste. If the piece seems unusually insightful, erudite, and shining with a bold masculinity, why, that’s because...

Fire Marshal Bill Chimes In

Jeff Prince
After playing phone tag with Tarrant County Fire Marshal Randy Renois all morning, I decided to turn to a more celebrated fire marshal for safety tips for this July 4 weekend:

Fire Marshall Randy Issues Fireworks Warning

Jeff Prince
Drizzling rain forecast for this weekend ought to reduce the number of fires started by people who set off fireworks. Which reminds me, fireworks are stupid. Public fireworks displays are cool, but, c’mon, how many times ...

Theater is Cool

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s ”Stage” review of Theatre Arlington’s superbly executed Leading Ladies doesn’t mention one part of last Friday night’s production: The curtain call, when one of the lead actors announced to the audience ...

Brooklyn-via-Fort Worth Metal

Anthony Mariani
Before moving to Brooklyn three years ago, Frank Garcia spent nearly three decades deep into the Fort Worth hardcore scene, primarily as a member of both Garuda (a band that broke up several years ago but recently reunited) and...