Around Fort Worth

April 15: Tax Man Cometh

Jeff Prince
In honor of April 15, the deadline to ask for an extension to further delay doing your taxes:

Victory for Kathleen Hicks

Chalk up a victory for the neighborhoods and Kathleen Hicks, city council representative from District 8 — and a resounding defeat for the rest of the council. Rita Vinson, representative of the Brentwood-Oak Hills Neighborho...

Dale Hansen Rants About Jerry Jones Video

Jeff Prince
Sportscaster Dale Hansen showed two things last night on the 10 o’clock news – he’s got balls the size of Dallas, and he’s becoming a dinosaur. He slammed his bosses on air for showing a video of Dallas Cowboys Owner Je...

Samuel Barber: Music, Moody Food

Kristian Lin
UTA Wind Symphony is performing Samuel Barber’s Commando March on Thursday as part of an all-American composers program for Tax Day. Interestingly enough, they’re not playing it to honor the 100th anniversary of Barber’s ...

Bad Waiters Or Diva Critics At Cowtown Diner?

Jeff Prince
Cowtown Diner’s wait staff got blasted in this Dallas Morning News restaurant review. Reviewer Leslie Brenner liked the downtown Fort Worth restaurant’s decadent comfort food. “I swooned over a bacon-wrapped, tempura-...

Ultimate Census Competition

Jimmy Fowler
The mayors of Fort Worth and Arlington are in a friendly competition to see which 817 burg returns more U.S. census forms by April 30. This is a dorky, high school-level publicity stunt with very good intentions – to get as m...

Pulitzer Prize Goes To Smarty Pants

Jeff Prince
Congratulations to The Dallas Mornings News writers Tod Robberson, William McKenzie, and Colleen McCain Nelson for winning a Pulitzer for editorial writing. Colleen and I sat next to each other while working at the Arlington St...

Ted Pillsbury Leaves Void In Early Texas Art

Jeff Prince
The death of internationally renowned art expert Ted Pillsbury is, somewhat surprisingly, the loss of an influential voice for early Texas art. Texas art collectors have no shame in touting their state’s early painters and sc...

Recycle Phones For Speedway Prizes

Jeff Prince
I’m the only person I know who has never owned a cell phone. My parents have one. Hell, my 98-year-old grandmother has one. Somebody gave me one for Christmas a few years ago. I re-gifted it. My goal is to be the last person ...

Shindig for Fort Worth Directors

Jimmy Fowler
To coincide with this weekend’s Dallas International Film Festival, The Butterfly Connection is hosting a reception/shindig/throwdown for North Texas filmmakers Tom Huckabee (Carried Away), Frank Mosley (Hold), and Clay Lifor...