Around Fort Worth

FW City Council Moseys Toward Air Studies

Jeff Prince
Kathleen Hicks was the lone voice of dissent against the other eight council members voting on a gas drilling issue last night. An 8-1 vote allowed the creation of an air-study committee that neighborhood activists say is biase...

Try the Sukiyaki at KinoMonda

Kristian Lin
I wasn’t able to give the movie the play that I wanted to on our Night & Day page, but anybody who shares my love of movies that are balls-to-the-wall crazy should check out Sukiyaki Western Django tomorrow night at ...

St. Paddy’s Day 5K Warms Congestive Hearts

Jeff Prince
Running in the 2nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day-5K Festival at noon this Saturday would make my heart very sad. Why? Because I smoke like a chimney and eat like a Viking. I get winded just running numbers through my head. However...

Emmitt, Oprah, Oprah, Emmitt, Where’s Uma?

Jeff Prince
The NFL’s most productive running back, former Dallas Cowboys star Emmitt Smith, is on The Oprah Winfrey Show at 4 this afternoon. He’ll be discussing his turn this Friday on Who Do You Think You Are, a reality TV show that...

Gas Drilling Air Testing Tonight’s Hot Topic

Jeff Prince
Tonight’s city council meeting ought to be explosive, although that’s probably a poor choice of words when discussing natural gas drilling in Fort Worth. The city council likes to look proactive when problem arise with gas ...

EPIC RUINS Streaming Songs

Anthony Mariani
A Fort Worth supergroup you first heard about in HearSay, way back in September of ’09, EPIC RUINS can now be, well, heard. Below this Q&A with the band at Sword and Laser are audio tracks of two songs –– “Child and...

Update: All Of Canada vs. Gil LeBreton

Jeff Prince
Comparing Canadians to Nazis is something Fort Worth Star-Telegram sportswriter Gil LeBreton won’t do again. He’s as sorry as sorry can be, people. A little online reconnaissance shows LeBreton has been taking shrap...

Catch Fort Worth on The Tonight Show

Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth boys Jordan Richardson (formerly of Oliver Future, currently of EPIC RUINS) and The Orbans’ Justin Pate will perform tonight as part of Ben Harper’s Relentless 7 on The Tonight Show (10:30 p.m. our time) tonight ...

Creative Message To Johnson County Gas Drillers

Jeff Prince
From the sad but funny file: Sharon Wilson, aka “Texas Sharon,” posted this photo on her Bluedaze web site this morning: This is near a Johnson County road where gas drillers have flocked in recent years.

Bonnell’s Wins Zagat Award

Acclaimed Fort Worth restaurant Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine has won another award.  Zagat this week released its finest restaurants in Texas survey, and Bonnell’s was named the Top Food in the Dallas/Fort Worth a...