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Steve Steward
1) If you go to a bar tonight (it’s Wednesday), you’ll probably be treated to some sort of 420 celebration. If that bugs you, well, I guess stay home. One day, weed will be legal here, and I hope someone blows a huge, victo...


‘Dear President Obama’ Screening Thursday Night

Jeff Prince
The natural gas drillers who used bullying and deceptive tactics to roll over urban residents in a quest for greed are getting their karmic comeuppance these days. The price of natural gas has plummeted. The industry is reeling...

FORMER JUDGE JEAN BOYD (Fox News screenshot)

Ethan Couch, Parents Pucker Up For Taxpayer Teat

Jeff Prince
Remember those parents who were so wealthy they spoiled their kid to the point of being blame-free for his actions? The Ethan Couch “affluenza” case has hit another low. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that taxpayers f...


Nelson, Jennings Coming to Lola’s Trailer Park

Jeff Prince
The importance of topical humor isn’t lost on Lukas Nelson. I ask him about the upcoming show that he and Shooter Jennings will be performing in Fort Worth, and he warns that their show might not begin exactly on time. “We...


FWSO Musicians Locked Out

Kristian Lin
Looks like the labor negotiations for Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra‘s musicians have taken a turn for the worse. The Dallas/Fort Worth Professional Musicians Union is reporting that following last week’s sit-in prot...

SHANE HARMON (courtesy of FWFD)

Fort Worth Firefighter Shane Harmon Finalist For Award

Jeff Prince
After 9/11, people couldn’t slather enough love on emergency workers, particularly firefighters — 343 of them died that day trying to save people. Almost 15 years later, public appreciation might have waned a bit. B...

(Courtesy of 10 Billion Lives Twitter page)

Animal Rights Activists Releasing Bucks At UTA

Jeff Prince
Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) is paying University of Texas at Arlington students $1 each if they’ll stop on campus and watch a four-minute video of factory farm and slaughterhouse practices this week. Wonder how man...


Kholodenko Deaths Are Now Double Murder

Kristian Lin
Worst suspicions have been validated as Benbrook police have arrested Sofya Tsygankova for the murders of her daughters Nika and Michela on Thursday. She continues to be held at John Peter Smith Hospital undergoing mental evalu...

The Kholodenko family in happier times.

UPDATED: Death at Kholodenko House

Kristian Lin
This truly terrible story is still developing out of Benbrook: Van Cliburn Competition gold medalist Vadym Kholodenko arrived at his home yesterday morning and found his daughters killed in their beds, while his estranged wife ...


Maren Morris Gets Local Media Love At SXSW

Jeff Prince
Arlington singer-songwriter turned Nashville budding star Maren Morris made the most of her SXSW gig yesterday at the Spotify House in Austin. At least the North Texas’ two major dailies think so. The Dallas Morning News ...