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Observations on the TABC Report

                Having gone through the 32-page TABC report on their agents’ actions at the Rainbow Lounge, not much to report. The three agents did violate TABC policy, the report says, but these were for weari...

TABC Admits Policy Violations At Rainbow Lounge

Jeff Prince
Today the news media is getting the results of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) investigation into the Rainbow Lounge raid, and after a quick look at the report here in the Fort Worth Weekly newsroom, it appears t...

“Squeaky” Released from Carswell

Anthony Mariani
On August 16, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, 60, will be released on parole from the Federal Medical Center at Carswell, a local institution about which Weekly investigative reporter Betty Brink has written a series of award-win...

Hollywood Movie Featuring FW’s The Burning Hotels Screening

Anthony Mariani
Tonight (Wednesday) at 4:30 p.m. at Rave Motion Pictures-Ridgmar (2300 Green Oaks Rd, 817-566-0021) will be a screening of Bandslam, starring High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens, Alyson Michalka (from Aly & AJ), and Fri...

Rich Get Wetter

Jeff Prince
NBC Channel 5 did a story last night on Metroplex residents who use the most water at their homes. Rich folks are either drinking a whole lot of single malt scotch and water on ice, or they are maintaining huge, lush freaking S...

The Shack Is Phat

Jeff Prince
Youth’s influence on American culture has always been strong, but seeing corporate lawyers, PR sharks, and CEOs jumping on the bandwagon is kind of like watching Fonzie jump the shark tank. Fort Worth-based Radio Shack tried ...

Fort Worth Film Heads to Venice

Anthony Mariani
A film short commissioned by the Kimbell Art Museum has been chosen to screen at the 66th annual Venice International Film Festival. Philip Haas’ “The Death of Pentheus” is part of Butchers, Dragons, Gods & Skeletons,...

Star-Telegram Startles Don Young

Jeff Prince
East Side activist Don Young has maintained a contentious relationship with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram during his long reign as the city’s most voracious cheerleader for Tandy Hills Natural Area and most recurrent critic of...

The Fort’s Burgermeister Strikes Again

Jimmy Fowler
Tim Love’s new Love Shack So7, located at 817 Matisse St off West 7th, has a grand opening celebration this Sunday August 2. Love is a lamb admirer, and to prove he ain’t just bleatin’ Dixie, the baa-aahd-ass 3-6pm festiv...

Unpaid Furlough Hits S-T

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram announced today that all employees must take a one week unpaid furlough by the end of the year. Read publisher Gary Wortel’s memo at McClatchy Watch.