Kevin Hart

Considering Kevin Hart

Kristian Lin
While Keeping Up With the Joneses had me musing on the career of Zach Galifianakis, I also found myself pondering another comedy career this past weekend when I saw Kevin Hart: What Now? This is the third concert film for the 3...

Andrzej Wajda

R.I.P., Andrzej Wajda

Kristian Lin
The news came from Poland yesterday that Andrzej Wajda passed away at the age of 90. Roman Polanski may have been his country’s most famous film director (thanks to his Hollywood career and the sex-assault scandal that ba...


Kevin Durand Stars As Fort Worth Coach Tonight

Jeff Prince
Take a hard-as-nails U.S. Marine lieutenant colonel who served in WWII and the Korean conflict, put a whistle around his neck and give him a coaching job at Fort Worth Country Day school in the 1960s and ‘70s, and what do you...

Suicide Squad

Bonus Film Review: Suicide Squad

Kristian Lin
Once upon a time, Warner Brothers revived its Batman series with a talented young director at the helm named Christopher Nolan. And it was all great, as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight brought in large hauls at the box office...


Bonus Film Review: Ghostbusters

Kristian Lin
Over the past year or so, a lot of hysterical men succeeded in making me ashamed of my own gender over the new reboot of Ghostbusters that opened this past weekend. (They’re still out there, too, artificially depressing t...

Kate Beckinsale

Considering Kate Beckinsale

Kristian Lin
Sometimes you need a vacation to step away and think. I recently took a week of personal time and found myself pondering Kate Beckinsale (and the fact that I haven’t done one of these Considering pieces in a while). Of co...

Neighbors 2

Bonus Film Review: Neighbors 2

Kristian Lin
I try not to read other people’s reviews of a movie before I’ve seen it and written up my own critique, but I do try to get a fix on the general tenor of whether people think it’s good, bad, or indifferent. I ...


‘Dear President Obama’ Screening Thursday Night

Jeff Prince
The natural gas drillers who used bullying and deceptive tactics to roll over urban residents in a quest for greed are getting their karmic comeuppance these days. The price of natural gas has plummeted. The industry is reeling...

Mary Elizabeth Winstead finds herself in a concrete prison in "10 Cloverfield Lane."

Bonus Film Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

Kristian Lin
The headline on the Guardian‘s review of 10 Cloverfield Lane reads “more Hitchcock than Xbox.” I like the British newspaper, but this isn’t one of their better headlines. It engages in a glib comparison ...

Lin Yun receives her, uh, swimming orders in "The Mermaid."

Bonus Film Review: The Mermaid

Kristian Lin
Big movies tend to come out in the Far East around Chinese New Year, and the recent festivities included the likes of Kung Fu Panda 3. However, that movie and everything else got swamped by The Mermaid, an action-comedy that be...