More On American Graffiti Star Candy Clark

Jeff Prince
Candy Clark provided so many interesting quotes for this week’s cover story (“Graffiti Artist,” July 3, 2013) that some were left out for space reasons. For instance, did you know producer Francis Ford Coppola almost gav...

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum, Local Movie Mogul

Kristian Lin
North Texas’ filmmaking scene got an unlikely addition yesterday, as former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania and unsuccessful presidential candidate Rick Santorum announced he had been named CEO of EchoLight Studios, a Dall...


R.I.P., James Gandolfini

Kristian Lin
When I heard that James Gandolfini passed away yesterday, I didn’t think about his performance as Tony Soprano. I thought about a much earlier one in True Romance, a 1993 thriller directed by the late Tony Scott and writt...

THIS HOUSE by Graham,

The Modern and The ‘Phibs Present “This House”

Americans like to harumph that they’re sick of the dysfunction in the U.S. Congress –– too many special interests, career ambitions, dubious backroom deals, and above all, too many elected officials who disdain consensus ...

A 19th-century artist's rendering of Henry Irving and Ellen Terry starring in Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing."

DFW Film Company Does Shakespearean Musical

Kristian Lin
Interrupting my Cliburn coverage to bring you this local film story: North Texas film production company TradRad Pictures just announced that they’re starting work on a musical film based on Shakespeare’s Much Ado A...

drive in

Drive-In Culture Returns to North Texas

This Friday night (May 10) is the official opening of the Coyote Drive-In just south of Lagrave Field near downtown Fort Worth. This revival of a staple of North Texas pop culture from the ‘50s through the ‘70s couldn’t b...

Django 5

Blogging “Django Unchained” (The End Chapters)

Kristian Lin
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 I mentioned this before, but I’ll repeat my SPOILER ALERT: All plot developments are given away in this post. • In a drawing room at Candyland, a harpist (Ashley Toman) is playing a solo harp...

Deanna Durbin

R.I.P., Deanna Durbin

Kristian Lin
I’m interrupting my series of Django Unchained posts to bring you this piece of movie news: The passing of Deanna Durbin at the age of 91 was announced by her son through a newsletter for his mother’s fans. If you&#...


Blogging “Django Unchained” (Heading to Candyland)

Kristian Lin
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 I’m thoroughly confused about the spelling of the name of Calvin’s estate. The DVD chapter heading has it “Candieland,” but the English-language subtitles render it as “Candyland.” Meanwhile, my...

Django Unchained

Blogging “Django Unchained” (The Greenville Chapters)

Kristian Lin
Part 1 Part 2 • Over a shot of our two heroes on a plain backdropped by a snowy mountain, these words scroll up the screen: “And after a very cold and very profitable winter, Django and Dr. Schultz came down from the mounta...