“Searching for Sonny”: Playing Near (and Far From) You

Kristian Lin
We’ve written about Andrew Disney, and we’ve even given him awards, but if you’re in Austin this weekend, you can finally see what the fuss is all about when his feature film debut Searching for Sonny has its ...


Considering Anna Faris

Kristian Lin
I spent Saturday watching Anna Faris host a pretty good episode of Saturday Night Live that she didn’t contribute much to. Coming on the heels of What’s Your Number?, which is rapidly and deservedly fading from our movie th...

“Footloose”: Actor by Actor

Kristian Lin
Chris Penn and Kevin Bacon, 1984 Miles Teller and Kenny Wormald, 2011 I wanted to compare and contrast the actors playing the same roles in each version of Footloose, but I didn’t have the space to do this in my review of the...

Indie Film Seeks Interns

Jimmy Fowler
The producers of a Christopher Guest-style comic mockumentary called Wonder Kids will be filming at various locations in Fort Worth and Dallas Oct 13-19. The cast includes Dallas-based stage and film actor (and occasional Stage...

Fort Worth Director Impresses

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Screen” page features an interview with Fort Worth filmmaker Cameron Bruce Nelson, who had three terrific short works debut this year: In Kind, a meditation on unemployment, identity, and escape; New Animal, ...

Notes From the Modern Cinema Festival

Kristian Lin
Christopher Kelly’s Modern Cinema: Great Movies You Haven’t Heard of … Yet festival just concluded, and as usual, I found some of his picks to be excellent and others to be underwhelming. As always, it was a great...

“Taking Tiger Mountain” in Dallas

Kristian Lin
We don’t usually concern ourselves with Dallas events here at Blotch, but this is worth checking out. Taking Tiger Mountain, a 1983 independent film by Fort Worth Weekly profile subject Tom Huckabee, is having a one-time ...

Ron Washington Is in “Moneyball”!

Kristian Lin
I didn’t have room in my review of Moneyball to include this tidbit, but the Rangers’ current manager turns up as a character in the movie. Washington was a coach on the A’s staff during the time period covere...

DVD Review: “Meek’s Cutoff”

Kristian Lin
About halfway through Meek’s Cutoff, 19th-century Oregon settler Emily Tetherow (Michelle Williams) is gathering firewood. One of a small party traveling on the Oregon Trail to live in the new territory, she’s off some dist...


Considering Kenneth Branagh

Kristian Lin
Thor comes out on DVD today, and even though I liked the film when I reviewed it last May, I found it to be more interesting as the next step in the career of director Kenneth Branagh than it was on its own merits. Branagh’s ...