“Taking Tiger Mountain” in Dallas

Kristian Lin
We don’t usually concern ourselves with Dallas events here at Blotch, but this is worth checking out. Taking Tiger Mountain, a 1983 independent film by Fort Worth Weekly profile subject Tom Huckabee, is having a one-time ...

Ron Washington Is in “Moneyball”!

Kristian Lin
I didn’t have room in my review of Moneyball to include this tidbit, but the Rangers’ current manager turns up as a character in the movie. Washington was a coach on the A’s staff during the time period covere...

DVD Review: “Meek’s Cutoff”

Kristian Lin
About halfway through Meek’s Cutoff, 19th-century Oregon settler Emily Tetherow (Michelle Williams) is gathering firewood. One of a small party traveling on the Oregon Trail to live in the new territory, she’s off some dist...


Considering Kenneth Branagh

Kristian Lin
Thor comes out on DVD today, and even though I liked the film when I reviewed it last May, I found it to be more interesting as the next step in the career of director Kenneth Branagh than it was on its own merits. Branagh’s ...

Rick Perry Reviews Aren’t Great

Jeff Prince
The Stepford Wives grin…George W. Bush bluster…Rush Limbaugh insensitivity…Cliff Clavin world insight…it was there for all to see. Rick Perry made his national TV splash at last night’s Republican ...

“Happy Poet” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
I haven’t seen writer-director Paul Gordon’s wry little indie comedy The Happy Poet (2010), but the reviews make it sound marvelous. Gordon stars as an idealistic, liberal-minded, vegetarian artist type who becomes a small ...

Eddie Murphy to Host Oscars

Kristian Lin
The news dropped this morning that Eddie Murphy will host next February’s Academy Awards ceremony, and the entire Twitternetinterwebversethingy lit up. Great pick, says NextMovie. Exciting and unpredictable, says Anne Tho...


Thoughts on the Prices of Movie Tickets

Kristian Lin
We moan about how the ticket prices at our movie theaters are constantly going up, but let’s face it: They’re still a bargain compared to tickets for most stage plays, rock concerts, sports events, or any other entertai...

How Long, Fall Weather, How Long?

Jimmy Fowler
Today is the first day of September, and that means I’m done with the brutal summer of 2011. The fall season doesn’t officially begin for another three weeks or so, I know. But now that September’s finally here, I’m det...

Want to Be a Movie Extra?

Kristian Lin
Filmmaker Cameron Bruce Nelson needs about 20 or so people to pretend to be crashed partygoers the morning after a big bash. It’s for a short film called Hozomeen, filmed by a production company called Rambos Rainbos. The...