“Echotone” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
The bumpersticker slogan “Keep Austin Weird” began many years ago as a grassroots protest against the commercial development and suburban sprawl that has marked the state capital. Well, the “KAW” campaign pretty much f...


DVD Review: “Cracks”

Kristian Lin
If the new movies out this week are too male-centric for you, you might want to check out Cracks, which saw limited release in America earlier in the year, though it never played in North Texas. I’m not sure why; it’s not a...

“Jackie Brown” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
I’m not a big Quentin Tarantino fan, but his best movie by far is 1997’s underrated Jackie Brown. It proved he had the discipline to generate real suspense with a twisty plot and unpredictable characters rather than rely on...

Sarah Palin Documentary Opens Tomorrow

Kristian Lin
While everyone else is lining up for the end of the Harry Potter saga, a new documentary film about Sarah Palin will be opening Friday at AMC Grapevine Mills. Grapevine will be one of the only places to see it, too; the movie i...

Emily Browning (front), Jena Malone and Vanessa Hudgens (second row), Abbie Cornish, Scott Glenn, and Jamie Chung (back row) in "Sucker Punch."

Defending “Sucker Punch”

Kristian Lin
This week Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch came out on DVD, and since a) I didn’t get a chance to review it properly when it came out in theaters and b) I thought it was fundamentally misunderstood by the people who did review it...

James Johnston in “New York Times”

Kristian Lin
Roughly three weeks after Fort Worth Weekly‘s cover story on the local filmmaker, James Johnston has landed in the pages of the self-appointed Paper of Record. Johnston, Amy McNutt, and the Spiral Diner are all mentioned ...

“Earthlings” at 1919 Hemphill

Jimmy Fowler
Animal lovers and passionate vegetarians probably don’t need another excuse to be outraged, but 1919 Hemphill will provide one with the 7pm Sunday (June 19) screening of Earthlings, a 2005 documentary feature narrated by Joaq...

“Red River” at the Stockyards

Jimmy Fowler
Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse and Texas Monthly have joined forces to present a statewide film series entitled “Rolling Roadshow,” in which beloved movies either made in Texas or about the state will screen at key loc...

8 Murders a Day Screening Now (Friday)

Anthony Mariani
Screening right now –– plus at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. tonight (Friday) at Cinema Latino –– is 8 Murders a Day, New York City director Charlie Minn’s contemplative, moody documentary about “perhaps the greatest human-rig...

“Paris, Luminous” at the Kimbell

Jimmy Fowler
Woody Allen’s latest, Midnight in Paris, has no doubt whetted some appetites for all the crazy, self-indulgent, and revolutionary talents who flocked to urban France in the first two decades of the 20th century. The Kimbell ...