We Cover the LSIFF

Kristian Lin
The fourth Lone Star International Film Festival starts up tonight, and you can tune into our coverage at our blog. I’ll be blogging about the movies I see, and other staffers can drop in and offer their thoughts.

Criterion Finally Releases “Antichrist”

Jimmy Fowler
Criterion Collection has just released the art house “movie event” of the fall DVD season: Antichrist, 2009’s loved and loathed Cannes Festival sensation from the brilliant Danish director Lars von Trier (Dancer in the Da...

You Must Be Weird or You Wouldn’t Be Here

Anthony Mariani
Local filmmaker Giles McCrary has produced and directed a documentary about one of the most storied clubs in all of Texas: The Cellar. You Must Be Weird or You Wouldn’t Be Here is filled with never-before-seen photos and 8mm ...

“Ticked-Off” DVD Release Party

Jimmy Fowler
If you missed our August cover story on the controversy over the locally filmed “transploitation” thriller Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives, here ‘tis again. Writer-director Israel Luna and several of the cast members are ...

No More Supernatural Latinos!

Kristian Lin
Here’s a movie trend that needs to go away. I just got back from seeing Paranormal Activity 2, the prequel to last year’s sleeper horror hit. In this film, the same invisible demon that haunted the original movie is...

Future Art Films at 1455 W. Magnolia

Kristian Lin
Some of you have no doubt been following Citizen Theater, James Johnston and Amy McNutt’s longstanding project to found a Fort Worth movie theater specializing in art-house films. Well, the news came down over the weekend...

“Hack, Hack, Sweet Has-Been”

Jimmy Fowler
I’ve always thought that in horror/suspense flicks, women are more interesting as psycho killers than men. It’s empowering — in a trashy pop culture way – to watch a woman subvert all expectations of sweetness...

Save Our Schools, Superman

Kristian Lin
I had a lot of thoughts about the film Waiting for “Superman” that I couldn’t get into this week’s Film Shorts. This documentary an infuriating movie on many levels, not only because it depicts widesprea...

“Jackass 3D” Gives MPAA the Willies

Jimmy Fowler
  The blabosphere is all worked up over the fact that the upcoming Jackass 3D earned its R rating primarily for “male nudity” – only the third feature film after Eat Pray Love and Grown Ups to be age-restricted for an ap...

Hilliard, Mosley on “The Other Side”

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s ”Arts” page explores the ongoing creative collaboration between filmmakers-UTA grads Justin Hilliard and Frank Mosley. The Other Side of Paradise, Hilliard’s 2009 dark comedy co-starring Mosley and Hilliard...