Denise Lee Does Cabaret at Stage West

Music fans in the 21st century have all but forgotten the art of cabaret singing. But that performance style –– in which a vocalist with minimal accompaniment interpets a collection of personally significant songs for a sma...


Editor Responds To Steven Fromholz Fans Upset About Static

Gayle Reaves
As the editor of the Weekly, I’d like to thank everyone for expressing their thoughts on our recent Static post regarding Steven Fromholz’ recent death.  (Static is a joint effort of the editorial staff, but I am ultimatel...

Sorry, kid, you're still too young for the Cliburn's youth competition next year.

It’s the Kiddie Cliburn!

Kristian Lin
Most of the world’s great pianists start playing the instrument as small children, and most people who have been around classical music will tell you that there are kids who can tear up the keyboard. That’s why the ...


Untapped Fort Worth Is Set

The second annual Untapped Fort Worth is set for Saturday, Mar. 8, at Panther Island Pavilion. Along with performances by Kate Nash, The Joy Formidable, Allen Stone, People Under the Stairs, The Felice Brothers, Quaker City Nig...


A5A Presents Django Reinhardt Festival 2014

Musically, it’s hard to get more sophisticated than 20th century guitar icon Django Reinhardt. He’s full of contradictions. He’s about as continental as you can get, having secured his reputation as a guitarist with golde...


Brandin Lea: Clean, Sober, and Back Onstage

At around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday evening, the folks at Lola’s Saloon will not be feeling warm and fuzzy and standing arm-in-arm with one another while shouting along to “Coke” (a Fort Worth classic if ever there was one), ...


Fort Worth’s J.T. Hodges Goes Hollywood

Jeff Prince
Add thespian to J.T. Hodges’ list of talents. The Fort Worth musician will be featured in the world premier of Finding Christmas, a Hallmark Channel original movie at 8 p.m. on Sunday. The movie is part of the network’s “...


Kickstarter Aims to Fund Hip Pocket Archive

The same quality that makes live theater so unique and exciting also makes it very fragile and ephemeral: Once the performance is over, the art created by the performers is also gone, lost to the past. But we can save all the f...

The composer takes in Bass Hall before his performance of Dracula.

Philip Glass’ Dracula: Bloody Good

The classical music scene in Fort Worth is all too often one of weak attendance figures and stale, centuries-old programming. Last Tuesday’s performance of Dracula: The Music and Film by Philip Glass and his namesake ensemble...


North Texas Chevy Music Showcase Season 2 Is Here

There are lots of reasons to like Chevys, like dependability, speed, and style, but if you need one more, consider the North Texas Chevy Music Showcase, a series of mini-documentaries on local bands that airs year-round during ...