Top 5 Shows This Weekend

Steve Steward
1) Team to Beat Show of the Week Alert: Don’t miss Telegraph Canyon at Lola’s Trailer Park tonight! As is the case with Trailer Park shows, they start at 7 and are done by 9; if you get there at start time, you’ll be trea...


Nelson, Jennings Coming to Lola’s Trailer Park

Jeff Prince
The importance of topical humor isn’t lost on Lukas Nelson. I ask him about the upcoming show that he and Shooter Jennings will be performing in Fort Worth, and he warns that their show might not begin exactly on time. “We...


FWSO Musicians Locked Out

Kristian Lin
Looks like the labor negotiations for Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra‘s musicians have taken a turn for the worse. The Dallas/Fort Worth Professional Musicians Union is reporting that following last week’s sit-in prot...


Kholodenko Deaths Are Now Double Murder

Kristian Lin
Worst suspicions have been validated as Benbrook police have arrested Sofya Tsygankova for the murders of her daughters Nika and Michela on Thursday. She continues to be held at John Peter Smith Hospital undergoing mental evalu...

The Kholodenko family in happier times.

UPDATED: Death at Kholodenko House

Kristian Lin
This truly terrible story is still developing out of Benbrook: Van Cliburn Competition gold medalist Vadym Kholodenko arrived at his home yesterday morning and found his daughters killed in their beds, while his estranged wife ...


Maren Morris Gets Local Media Love At SXSW

Jeff Prince
Arlington singer-songwriter turned Nashville budding star Maren Morris made the most of her SXSW gig yesterday at the Spotify House in Austin. At least the North Texas’ two major dailies think so. The Dallas Morning News ...

Hill (center) has died of cancer after a long battle.

Mourning Nevada Hill

Please try not to think about it. Attempt to shoo from your mind the fact that while crotchety backward-minded souls still walk the Earth, and are often paid handsomely for their efforts, we have been deprived of a supremely gi...

ROCKIN' RON THOMPSON IN ACTION (photo courtesy of GoFundMe page)

Rockin’ Ron Thompson Gets Some Love

Jeff Prince
The daughter of longtime local drummer Rockin’ Ron Thompson started an online funding campaign to help her father pay bills as he struggles to overcome a series of strokes. “He at this time is unable to walk,” daughter Li...


Texas Boys Choir Christmas Concert

James Talambas
Local stars Leon Bridges and Kelly Clarkson recently snagged Grammy nominations, but The Fort is already home to a two-time Grammy Award-winning ensemble that has been in the music game for 70 years, the Texas Boys Choir. The 8...

OLD MAN LUEDECKE (photo courtesy Wikipedia)

Old Man Luedecke, Tim O’Brien at Live Oak On Friday

Jeff Prince
What’s the difference between a banjo and an anchor? You tie a rope around an anchor before you throw it overboard. What’s the difference between a banjo and a trampoline? You take your boots off before you jump on a trampo...