Peter Wyngarde haunts Deborah Kerr in "The Innocents".

Halloween DVD Pick: The Innocents

Kristian Lin
I was lucky enough to see The Innocents when I was a teenager, and it turned me off horror flicks with faceless slashers running after naked teens for good. This Halloween sees this 1961 British classic out on a handsome new Bl...


Top 5 Shows

1.) I don’t know if these two bands, one local and one touring, have ever played together before, but after their gig together Friday night at Shipping & Receiving (201 S. Calhoun St., 817-343-6393), they should more ofte...

gas sign

The Mystery Of Erni ‘s

Jeff Prince
My favorite gas station on Jacksboro Highway is selling gas for $2.57 a gallon today, the lowest price I’ve seen at the pump in a long while. The last time gas sold at $2.50 a gallon was in the summer of 2009. I’ve ...


“Morganville: The Series” Debuts

Just in time for your Samhain/Toussaint/Dia de los Muertos/Halloween binge-watching pleasure: The first episodes of the new vampire web series Morganville are now available. Partially funded by the crowd-sourcing of rabid inter...


Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Redskins on MNF

Jeff Prince
Monday Night Football opened its coverage of last night’s Cowboys game with a beautiful aerial shot of AT&T Stadium, and something became so clear — parking lots waste a lot of surface area. Cars were lined up i...

Painting by John Hartley

North Texans, Rally Around this Exhibit

Art in the Metroplex, one of the oldest (almost-)annual open-call visual art shows in the state, is recommended viewing for any loud and proud North Texan. The art from Tarrant, Dallas, and 17 surrounding counties, and it’s m...

Irritated Genie

This Weekend at The Dock Bookshop: Hate Speech!

Kristian Lin
This Saturday afternoon, The Dock Bookshop hosts a meet-and-greet luncheon with author Ayo Kimathi a.k.a. The Irritated Genie of Soufeese. He then travels to the Aletheia Temple Church to give a lecture on his latest book, Effe...


Top 5 Shows

1.) Marc Ford is doing Americana right. It’s melodic and dynamic rather than boring or so self-serious it makes you want to smash the nearest acoustic guitar you can find. The former lead guitarist for the Black Crowes has ju...


Study Examines Moms, Cell Phones, and Baby

A University of North Texas doctoral student noted something interesting in the way parents are interacting with their children. More properly stated, over several days at several venues, Cory Kildare observed how parents appea...


‘Phibs Screen “Medea” at the Modern

Throughout history and in every culture, the worst possible crime has always been the murder of children by their own mothers. (Dads offing their tykes, while hardly condoned, doesn’t seem to rise to that level. Even in homic...