Courtesy Brad Newton/Texas Rangers

Sports Rush: Spring Training Finds

Rush Olson
If you visit Surprise, Arizona for Rangers spring training, you probably won’t find yourself needing to source several bags of whole pecans. You likely won’t find yourself at the mall seeking the cheesiest temporary tattoos...

BEYONCE (still from "Formation" video)

Some Police Won’t Get In ‘Formation’ For Beyonce

Jeff Prince
Police associations are saying nay nay to Bey Bey. But are they just being childish? Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl was deemed anti-police, putting her on the sh*t lists of various law enforcement groups. Why is that...

Kyle Kinane

Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) I got on the Kyle Kinane train fairly recently, and as a single white male in his late 30s, I can’t think of another comedian who more accurately speaks to my experience. Certainly, he’s got the jokes about getting shift...

Lin Yun receives her, uh, swimming orders in "The Mermaid."

Bonus Film Review: The Mermaid

Kristian Lin
Big movies tend to come out in the Far East around Chinese New Year, and the recent festivities included the likes of Kung Fu Panda 3. However, that movie and everything else got swamped by The Mermaid, an action-comedy that be...

Hill (center) has died of cancer after a long battle.

Mourning Nevada Hill

Please try not to think about it. Attempt to shoo from your mind the fact that while crotchety backward-minded souls still walk the Earth, and are often paid handsomely for their efforts, we have been deprived of a supremely gi...

Central track

Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) Show of the week alert: Central Track, the Dallas pop culture and fashion blog is celebrating its fourth anniversary on Friday night at Club Dada in Dallas. To Pete Freedman et al over there in Central Track Tower or whereve...


Concert Review: The Cliburn’s “An American Influence”

Edward Brown
The aim of the Van Cliburn Foundation’s festival series –– to examine different perspectives in music –– is broad. The first iteration last May exclusively featured works by Nineteenth-Century Polish expat Frédéric ...


The Caravan Showing At Ridglea Theater On Saturday

Jeff Prince
There are no great movie horses anymore. No Triggers, no Flickas, no Clovers, no Buttermilks. Not even a Mr. Ed. All the great horses, gone. Whoa there, Nellie! The Caravan is an award-winning, 105-minute film that chronicles a...

Sports Rush

Sports Rush: Rugby in Round Rock

Rush Olson
Our sports reporter went to Dell Diamond stadium in Round Rock to check out some rugby.      


Soundcheck 817: Keegan McInroe at Lola’s Saloon

Eric Griffey
The Fort Worth Weekly’s own Texas Troubadour, Keegan McInroe, is finally back from his months-long trek through Europe. He’s been packing up and touring through “The Continent” for the last three years a...