Big Oil Slapped Fort Worth Silly But Denton Says Put ‘Em Up

Jeff Prince
Remember when natural gas drillers flooded into Fort Worth and relied on oil-rich Mayor Mike Moncrief to push through an industry-pleasing ordinance that put most of the power in the hands of drillers at the expense of resident...


World Cup Update (The Siegreichen Deutschland Edition)

Kristian Lin
After an epic destruction of Brazil in the semis and a hard-fought win over Argentina in the finals, Germany are now the world champions of soccer. It’s been a 24 year wait for them, proof that the World Cup is a huge mountai...


The World Cup All-Hot Team

Kristian Lin
Everybody is body-shaming Prince Fielder right now for his nude photograph on the cover of ESPN Magazine, which only proves what we already knew: That our society values washboard abs over actual physical fitness. How disappoin...


The Top 5 Shows

1.) I, for one, don’t mind living in the past. Holding up five fingers and a thumb saves my friends who aren’t Steelers fans the embarrassment of having to admit they’re devoted to lesser NFL franchises. (Note: That’s a...

Song Kang-ho

Considering Song Kang-ho

Kristian Lin
In my review of Snowpiercer, I called Song Kang-ho one of the world’s greatest actors, but I didn’t have the space to go into that remark. Unless you watch Korean movies, you probably don’t even know who he is. If you fit...


“Some Assembly Required” at the Modern

Artists are always looking to new media, especially new technology, to find inspiration for their works. It’s almost inevitable, though, that the new-fangled medium winds up being informed by very old school methods and conce...

t love

Anybody See Tim Love’s Restaurant Startup Premiere?

Jeff Prince
The network television premiere of Restaurant Startup was at 9 last night, and I missed it. I had planned to Tivo it. I forgot. That sucks. So I figured I’d read today’s online reviews and see whether the show impre...


World Cup Update (The Semifinal Edition)

Kristian Lin
USA went out of the World Cup in the last round, but the tournament marches on toward its end, and so does my blogging about it. Let’s get to the questions. What do we learn from the quarterfinal games? Belgium and France had...


Tim Love Featured in Esquire’s Celebrity Chef Douchebag Story

Eric Griffey
This week’s cover story about Tim Love wasn’t just about the local celebrity chef’s allegedly prickly personality. It also discussed his restaurant successes and failures, his rocky relationship with TCU and T...


Feds Revising Cannabis Categorization?

Jeff Prince
For decades the United States government has shown abject idiocy in how it classifies marijuana. How can anyone trust a government that classifies weed as a Schedule 1 drug on the same danger level as heroin and crack? Schedule...