FIFA Follies of 2011

Kristian Lin
While four countries are playing in the CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament at Cowboys Stadium this Sunday, the real high drama black comedy in soccer is happening thousands of miles away. It came to a head at last Wednesday’s farci...

Several Good Things About Today

Jeff Prince
First off, it’s Friday. And that’s a very, very good thing. And how about them Dallas Mavericks? Not only was last night’s comeback in Game 2 of the Finals amazing to watch, it’ll inspire the Mavs to tur...

Our Plates Are Full

Jimmy Fowler
Apparently there are only two things keeping America from returning to its glory days: We’re fat and stupid. The feds are trying to alleviate this situation by replacing the old Food Pyramid image of healthy eating guide...

Red Light Cameras Promote Unsafe Driving

Jeff Prince
A recent article in The New York Times warned readers about speeding, saying police citations can increase your insurance payments by double digits. The story included the following nonsense: “So you might want to slow do...

The T Ban On Baggy Pants Is Low Blow

Jeff Prince
Boxer shorts are not much different from some gym shorts. Both are made of cotton, about the same thickness, same length, similar colors. I can go out in public while wearing gym shorts and everything is fine. Yet if I stroll a...

Q Cinema Turns 13

Jimmy Fowler
Q Cinema, the Fort’s gay and lesbian film organization, will present its 13th annual international film festival Thursday June 2 through Sunday June 5. All screenings will take place at the Rose Marine Theatre. Visiting actor...

GLBT Community Hosts First Mayoral Candidates Forum June 1

Don’t forget: Tomorrow night, June 1, from 5:30 to 7:30, Fort Worth mayoral run-off candidates Betsy Price and Jim Lane are scheduled to talk and field questions at a forum hosted by the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Com...

Mavs Can Be This Millenium’s First Champion

Jeff Prince
It’s amazing what a World Series appearance did for the Texas Rangers. Some locals (chiefly me) grew weary of our local baseball franchise after four decades of underachieving teams and consistently poor personnel decisio...

OMG! The Bieb in Arlington

Jimmy Fowler
If you were feeling a little swoonier than usual this holiday weekend, it could be an airborne case of Bieber fever. The Bieb was eyeballed out and about in Arlington with his current old lady Selena Gomez. They were at Six Fla...

Point, Joel Burns; In Yo Face Rick Perry

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns tweeted something funny a minute ago: “If Gov. Perry becomes President of the United States, his case for Texas Secession becomes more compelling.”