A Twinkie In The Kids’ Eyes

Jeff Prince
One in three American kids is obese. This new study shows teens are smoking more marijuana these days, which could lead to even more obesity. Fortunately, help is on the way.

Independence Day: Happy Birthday TX

Jeff Prince
Our state was born on this day in 1836. She started out kinda slimy and ugly like most babies do, but she’s grown into a grand old dame. Sure, she’s got her problems (as Fort Worth Weekly likes to remind everybody). But we ...

NPR Enters FW/Big D Fray

Jimmy Fowler
Many of us have long thought the ballyhooed rivalry between Fort Worth and Dallas is kind of – sorry, La Palin – retarded. For further proof, listen to today’s cute-as-a-migraine report on NPR’s “All Things Considered...

Winter Olympic Thoughts (the Games close)

Kristian Lin
In the last event of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Sidney Crosby scored an overtime goal for Team Canada to beat USA in the gold medal hockey match. Well, that just makes sense. Sid the Kid didn’t actually get on the scoresheet m...

Another Bene for Great Tyrant’s Tommy Atkins

Anthony Mariani
In addition to a Fri., May 7, Lola’s-Sixth concert to benefit the family of recently deceased Great Tyrant bassist Tommy Atkins is a benefit concert on Sun., Feb. 28, at 4 p.m. at The Kessler Theater (1230 W. Davis St.) in Oa...

Mayor Mike’s Midnight Hallucination

Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief gave his State of the City Address this week, and predictably everything is fairly wunnerful in Cowtown. He sucked up to the TCU football program, talked about job growth and better roads all the ...

Table Tennis at TxWesU

If you need to get your sports fix on next week after the winter olympics wind down, head over to Texas Wesleyan University and watch the best table tennis players in the country compete. On March 4th and 5th, TWU is hosting th...

The Great Tyrant’s Tommy Atkins Bene Set

Anthony Mariani
A show to benefit the family of The Great Tyrant bassist Tommy Atkins will be held at Lola’s Saloon-Sixth (2736 W. 6th St. in the West 7th Street corridor, 817-966-0666) on Fri., May 7, and will feature three stellar Fort Wor...

FW Prosecutes Chad Gibson

Jimmy Fowler
In another boost to Fort Worth’s reputation, the city attorney’s office will prosecute Chad Gibson – the Rainbow Lounge patron who suffered a concussion during last summer’s botched and nationally condemned raid b...

Arts Lovers

Jimmy Fowler
A major theme in Circle Theatre’s current production of Michael Hollinger’s “Opus” – to be reviewed next week – is how romance can fuel, frustrate, and fuck up artistic creativity. In a much lighter and more frivolo...