Russel and Rush

Fantasy Football Slackers

Rush Olson
At this time of year, I get sort of annoyed with my friend Russell. That’s not actually fair to him. Russell is a good guy with a lovely family and he’s a fine citizen, with no outstanding warrants to my knowledge. The ...


Morning News Roundup, Sep 9

Eric Griffey
Eye of the Storm More than 9,000 people lost power last night throughout North Texas, as storms rolled through the area to the song “Eye of the Tiger.” Westboro Baptist Church members protested the storms, claiming they wer...


Yes, Virginia, Hate Crimes Still Happen

Peter Gorman
A man named Robert (last name doesn’t matter here) recently got in touch with Fort Worth Weekly to report a hate crime. It seems that during the July 4 weekend, his swimming pool float disappeared from the balcony of his...


Backing The Blue … Blindly

Jeff Prince
Hundreds of people clad in blue clothing flocked to downtown Fort Worth on Monday for a Main Street Backs the Blue Rally. Anyone who’s lived in Fort Worth for long knows how much residents have supported police over the years...


Morning News Roundup, Sept 8

Peter Gorman
Hoping you all had a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend. And I hope you toasted the union men and women who died to bring it to you, along with weekends, the 40-hour work week, overtime pay, vacations, sick leave, and a livin...


The Top Shelf: A Cocktail Bar Survival Map

Brad Hensarling
Although the craft cocktail thing has been growing steadily over the past few years, there are a lot of people out there who simply prefer the whiskey and coke/ domestic beer lifestyle of the neighborhood pub over the innovatio...


Soundcheck 817: Un Chien at Lola’s Saloon

Eric Griffey
The great Stephen Beatty of Un Chien sat down for a chat and a song in a tiny room at Lola’s Saloon. You can see them tonight at Lola’s, with Mean Motor Scooter and Screaming Thieves. The show starts at 10pm.  ...


Fort Worthology: ArtSouth

Kevin Buchanan
A recent Fort Worth Weekly story discussed a major problem in the local art scene: Our city can’t seem to promote middle level of the arts spectrum. We’ve got casual events like Gallery Night and Arts Goggle that are open t...


Xs & Os: Rethinking the Laws of Attraction

Sarah Angle
I’d date an ogre if our conversations made me feel alive. I’d marry him if he could stare into my eyes and see my soul. Our kids would probably have some troubles in school —being part human and ogre and all — but they...


On Tap In Fort Worth: Aging Beer

Edward Brown
Everything mellows with age, even rock stars and celebrities (Donald Trump being the exception). Aging is a prerequisite for making bourbon and whiskey, and much of a bottle of wine’s value is tied to the year it was bottled....