Breaking News: Air Is a Public Issue

Jimmy Fowler
It’s hard to think of a more Orwellian name for a state entity than the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which has apparently been insisting that breathable air is not an issue of “environmental quality” down h...

Here's Rick Perry's health care plan for Texas!

Rick Perry Helps Us Get Healthy

Kristian Lin
Well, our genius governor is at it again. Rick Perry announced yesterday that he’s refusing to implement the Affordable Care Act in Texas, joining a list of Republican governors who are trying to act all tough since the S...

Palazzolo Files Second Whistleblower Lawsuit

“This case is bigger than Joseph Palazzolo in that the Fort Worth ISD is going to have to decide if it wants to allow altering student attendance records to justify state funding and performance scores, and whether white ...


Texas lesbian couple shot in possible hate crime

Andrew McLemore
Two teenage lesbians in the small town of Portland, Texas were shot, one of them fatally, on the same weekend as gays and lesbians across the country marched in Gay Pride parades. Though police in Portland, which neighbors Corp...


TCU Prof Sees Texas Republican Platform And Is Afraid, Very Afraid

Jeff Prince
  John T. Harvey is a longtime economics guru at Texas Christian University and a blogger at Forbes. His blog Pragmatic Economics tries to explain complicated financial principals to average dunderheads. He aim to be a-pol...


Video game plot manifested by UT professor

Andrew McLemore
In one of the documentary-style trailers for the upcoming video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, military experts foretell disaster when terrorists hackers remotely commandeer thousands of U.S. drones. Now, the plot lines of wa...

Your School Tax Dollars at Work

Fort Worth Weekly has reported in previous posts that the outside legal costs to fight Fort Worth ISD whistleblower Joe Palazzolo has reached more than $400,000 and is still climbing as Palazzolo will soon take his case to a s...


Best Government Money Can Buy

Jeff Prince
The Supreme Court protects the rights of corporations to buy and sell lawmakers and continue leading the United States into the crapper. So, in honor of jail inmates singing “Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone” (f...

Southern Baptists: Still Wacky

Jimmy Fowler
If you want to know why so many young adults view organized religion with great skepticism, look no further than the monumental strangeness of this week’s Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans. A quick history lesson: Sh...

Tea party protest in Washington last year.

Tea Party’s Endurance Still In Question

Andrew McLemore
When did Ted Cruz’ challenge against David Dewhurst for the Texas Senate become a referendumon the tea party? Probably the same time as every other race with a Tea Party-backed candidate: as soon as he threw his hat in th...