Video game plot manifested by UT professor

Andrew McLemore
In one of the documentary-style trailers for the upcoming video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, military experts foretell disaster when terrorists hackers remotely commandeer thousands of U.S. drones. Now, the plot lines of wa...

Your School Tax Dollars at Work

Fort Worth Weekly has reported in previous posts that the outside legal costs to fight Fort Worth ISD whistleblower Joe Palazzolo has reached more than $400,000 and is still climbing as Palazzolo will soon take his case to a s...


Best Government Money Can Buy

Jeff Prince
The Supreme Court protects the rights of corporations to buy and sell lawmakers and continue leading the United States into the crapper. So, in honor of jail inmates singing “Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone” (f...

Southern Baptists: Still Wacky

Jimmy Fowler
If you want to know why so many young adults view organized religion with great skepticism, look no further than the monumental strangeness of this week’s Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans. A quick history lesson: Sh...

Tea party protest in Washington last year.

Tea Party’s Endurance Still In Question

Andrew McLemore
When did Ted Cruz’ challenge against David Dewhurst for the Texas Senate become a referendumon the tea party? Probably the same time as every other race with a Tea Party-backed candidate: as soon as he threw his hat in th...

Domingo Garcia Gets A Host of Local Endorsements

In a call to unify behind one candidate in the runoff between Domingo Garcia of Dallas and Marc Veasey of Fort Worth to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for the newly formed Congressional District 33,  more than 30 ...

Whistleblower Settles for $135K

Betty Brink
Aracely  Chavez, the whistleblower fired by the Fort Worth schools three years ago will receive $135,000 in “damages and attorney’s fees,” according to an email sent to board members from the district’...

Fired FWISD Whistleblower Chavez Reinstated

At last night’s Fort Worth school board meeting, Aracely Chavez, the former financial department employee who blew the whistle on the failed Tyler Industries payroll computer program that overpaid 2,000 employees (some lo...


DMN Story: Bush + Abstinence + Condoms = Win

Andrew McLemore
I’ll begin with acknowledging that President George W. Bush is an easy target. Criticizing the cowboy president that embroiled America in the longest wars in its history and deepest recession since the 1930s isn’t a...


Domingo Garcia Tries To Rally ‘Sleeping Brown Giant’

Jeff Prince
Falling behind Marc Veasey in the race to win the new Congressional District 33 seat, Dallas candidate Domingo Garcia is appealing to fellow Latinos for votes. After all, he helped to draw the district in way that would give hi...