Who’s An Armendariz? And What Bombshell?

Jeff Prince
Al Armendariz, this region’s former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, will speak at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing this week in Washington, D.C. The group is looking into the EPA’s...


State Sen. Wendy Davis Endorses Marc Veasey

Jeff Prince
As predicted in last week’s cover story, the new Congressional District 33 election features a runoff between Dallas attorney Domingo Garcia and Fort Worth’s Rep. Marc Veasey. Now, state Sen. Wendy Davis says she...


Sen Chris Harris Gets Eye Full On Facebook

Jeff Prince
All these changes to Facebook lately are confusing — and enlightening. Timelines and other tracking features now tell everybody about what you post, or comments that you make, or videos that you watch. It’s all so r...


Saggy Pants Are Just the Start

Jimmy Fowler
Are you better off now than you were one year ago? If so, you can probably credit that vague sense of well-being to the Fort Worth Transportation Authority’s ban on wearers of saggy pants, which took effect in late May of 201...

Who cares about Lockheed’s machinists? Not the Pentagon

A Star-Telegram story from yesterday quoted a defense consultant and Lockheed spokespersons as shrugging off concerns that striking machinists will have any impact on the production of F-35 jets, the most expensive — and ...

Fort Worth Diocese For Romney

Jimmy Fowler
It’s looking more and more like the Catholic Church hierarchy in America should register with the government as a Republican lobbying organization: Yesterday, more than a dozen Catholic groups –– including the Fort Worth ...

Romney Fears Dubya’s Cooties

Jimmy Fowler
This is hilarious: George W. Bush, whose unpopularity in the GOP is second possibly only to Jimmy Carter’s, finally offered his gold-plated endorsement of a Republican presidential candidate. It was composed of four words (...

The Week in Gay Rights

Kristian Lin
What a month of May it’s been, huh? Let’s recap: Last week, Romney’s openly gay national security/foreign policy spokesman Richard Grenell resigned from the campaign amid disputed reports that he was pressured to stay in ...

Americans Like To Water

Andrew McLemore
The Arlington City Council killed a motion to enact permanent water restrictions after several residents lambasted the idea as “un-American.” The mayors of Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving and Arlington publicly called fo...

Bill Howard of Texas Lil Fame Dies Heroically

Jeff Prince
Bill Howard, a central figure in an alleged arson at Texas Lil’s Dude Ranch that drew national attention, died Saturday while helping a stranger who’d been injured in a highway accident. Howard was 55. He was driving in Bur...