Bin Laden Is Dead

Kristian Lin
Yes, we got the bastard. Light a candle for him, because he is certainly roasting somewhere.

Aggie Lust Unleashed

Jimmy Fowler
Have you heard a college student use the word “unchaste” recently? Me, neither. Apparently you have to go to Texas A&M’s Texas Aggie Conservatives student group to hear such harrumphy Victorian language. The group’s...

Civility in the FWISD or Politics as Usual?

Is civility, like beauty, only in the eye (or ear) of the beholder?  That’s what some Fort Worth school board trustees are asking after discovering that a group is organizing under the banner of “Put Our Students First,”...

R.I.P., Tim Hetherington

Kristian Lin
War reporters sign on for their jobs knowing that they might be killed in the line of duty. That doesn’t make it any easier to write up the obituary when a good one goes down. Yesterday, Tim Hetherington was killed (along...

Action on Extraction

Jimmy Fowler
This afternoon (Wed Apr 20) 5-7pm, a group of local environmental activists will converge on downtown Fort Worth for a march and rally to mark the International Day of Direct Action Against Extraction. The group Rising Tide Nor...

Cut Football, Too

Jimmy Fowler
With all the buzz about laying off teachers, increasing class sizes, and cutting whole programs to balance the state budget, I’ve been wondering when someone would ask high school athletics to share the pain. The Keller schoo...

Feral Hogs On Legislative Hit List

Jeff Prince
State legislators appear more eager than ever to get rid of feral hogs — the Texas House voted 137-9 to expand helicopter hunts. Good for them. Sometimes sentiment and intense resistance from PETA-types stand in the way o...

Schieffer Symposium on the News

Jimmy Fowler
With so many news outlets in different media competing for your attention, it’s more important than ever to keep perspective on all the information available in a crowded marketplace. TCU’s Seventh Annual Schieffer Symposiu...

A Small but Significant Win for Palazzolo

It’s not a big win, but it’s a win nonetheless and Joe Palazzolo needs a few these days. The former assistant principal and whistleblower at Arlington Heights High School here whose firing by Superintendent Melody Johnson w...

Events to Remember MLK and a Century-old Massacre of African Americans

In a night of unimaginable horror in late July of 1910 in Slocum Texas, a massacre of unarmed black farmers, shop owners and their families was carried out by armed whites, many who were members of the Ku Klux Klan. In the smal...