Prop. 8 Struck Down

Kristian Lin
One day after a watershed moment for religious tolerance comes encouraging news from the other coast, as U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker rules California’s ban on gay marriages unconstitutional. The openly gay Bus...

Green Light for Ground Zero Mosque

Kristian Lin
It’s always nice when religious tolerance wins the day. Yesterday a New York City historical commission removed the last legal hurdle for the construction of the Córdoba Initiative, dubbed by the mainstream press as the Grou...

New Words With Ramona and Sarah

Kristian Lin
I just got back from watching the upcoming movie Ramona and Beezus, and while I can’t tell you my opinion of it just yet, I can tell you that there’s a scene early in the film when Ramona tries to explain her lacklu...

Anti-Gay Group at City Hall Tonight

Jimmy Fowler
Curtis Smith, pastor of Arlington’s Trinity Metropolitan Community Church, is calling on the LGBT community and its supporters – especially the Christians among them – to attend tonight’s (Tuesday) 7pm meeting of the Fo...

White vs. Extremist Not Named Perry

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight, while you were busy clearing out the empty beer bottles and the gnawed-on rib bones from the backyard, Democratic guv candidate Bill White talked issues with Libertarian guv candidate Kathie Glass down in Kerrville. He...

Tea Parties, Racism and Eddie Griffin

Gayle Reaves
When Eddie Griffin wrote back in March in the Weekly’s 2nd Thought space about the racism reported on behalf of protesters during the debate over the healthcare reform bill, his column drew a lot of response, including fr...

A New Era for TCCD?


The Breaking Point in DISH

Gayle Reaves
Mayor Calvin Tillman of DISH, who has led the fight to reveal and contain the environmental damage to his town from the gas drilling industry, posted this e-mail on Tuesday night: It is with great difficulty that I post this me...

“Sex and the City 2: Gays and Cliches”

Jimmy Fowler
With scathing reviews and disappointing holiday box office, it looks like a herd of loyal female and gay male fans couldn’t save Sex and the City 2 from being labeled a massive flop. The trailers made the movie look wretched,...

Let Us (Not) Pray

Jimmy Fowler
The first line of this Star-T piece on the dispute over National Day of Prayer leaves no doubt as to where the reporter’s sympathies lie: “Federal Judge Barbara Crabb may wear a black robe and wield a gavel, but she isn’t...