State Board of Indoctrination

Jimmy Fowler
Watching Texas state politics sometimes feels like reading a Terry Southern novel – there are so many absurd situations, bizzaro twists, and exaggerated examples of unlikely human behavior, you feel inured to almost everythin...

Palin, Perry Two Peas In A Pod

Jeff Prince
Gov. Rick Perry is yapping about Sarah Palin’s decision to campaign for his reelection. Makes sense donchaknow because political leaders in Alaska are just downhome folks with good moral fiber and strong Christian values donc...

Love and Marriage

Jimmy Fowler
You probably thought the “’family values’ politician catches his hand in the extramarital cookie jar” story was getting stale by now, didn’t you? There are new twists to be added, and South Carolina governor/tradition...

Stonewall: The Sequel

Jimmy Fowler
Who knew that Fort Worth’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in NYC would turn into a historical re-enactment that had too little history and way, way too much reality? The best summation – includin...

Ultimate Fighting: Penn vs. SBC

Jimmy Fowler
The biggest mistake that right-wing churchgoers make is believing that their church speaks for God, and Satan or Bill Maher or Madonna or whoever else speaks for the secular world. They’re forgetting two of their own rules: 1...

Remove knife, apply hug

Jeff Prince
Mayor Mike Moncrief’s smarm factor was on high as he welcomed Zim Zimmerman to the Fort Worth City Council this morning. Moncrief expressed pure delight at the prospect of working with the newest council member and espoused t...

R.I.P. Neda

Jimmy Fowler
Hope you’re following the street protests by young Iranian citizens who want their country to be more open and engaged with the world vs. the bullet- and tear gas-charged reaction by mullah-directed police and paramilitary fo...

A Vote on de la Garza’s Fate?

Tonight’s special called meeting of the Tarrant County College District board could prove to be the end of Chancellor Leonardo de la Garza’s beleaguered career as head of the district, a post he’s held for more than a dec...

A Dangerous Job

Gayle Reaves
Journalists around the world are watching North Korea these days to see what is in store in that repressive country for two young journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, who were recently sentenced to 12 years in a labor prison f...

Stop Sarah Stop

Jeff Prince
Sarah Palin continued digging her own grave this morning during an interview with Matt Lauer about her feud with David Letterman.