Marriage Equality: Can We Hurry Up, Please?

The most frustating thing about the marriage equality “debate” is being patient. Allowing gay partners to wed has become a no-brainer among most sane, intelligent adults, even those who find the thought of guys kissing guys...


State Lawmakers Want to Get Inside You

For a crowd that claims to want less government in their everyday lives, right-wing Texas legislators have a thing about policing people’s bodies. Same-sex marriage rights have long been considered a non-starter in this stat...

Jim Nabors

You Go, Gomer!

The recent “coming out” of two celebrities provides a teachable moment in the subtle art of self-revelation and personal integrity. As you may have heard, 82-year-old actor and gospel singer Jim Nabors of Andy Griffith Show...


Zedler Beats the Birther Horse

Eric Griffey
Anyone who thought the birther movement was over when President Barak Obama released his birth certificate underestimated Rep. Bill Zedler. The reliably whacky Zedler, a Republican from Arlington, filed House Bill 650, aka the ...


Kelly Clarkson Boggles While Clinton Ogles

Jeff Prince
Alicia Keys, who vowed to do something different with the national anthem during her upcoming Super Bowl performance, might take inspiration from Tarrant County’s own Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson toyed around with the melody ...


School Board Elects Judy Needham as President

Eric Griffey
At its meeting on Tuesday Night, the Fort Worth School Board of Trustees elected Judy Needham as its president, replacing T.A. Simms. Needham was first elected to the board in1996, and is its third longest-tenured member. She i...


D/FW NORML Holiday Bash

Thanks to this year’s contentious campaign, we learned that Barack Obama is America’s first foreign-born gay Muslim socialist president. But did you also know the dude was a major 420 enthusiast back in the day? “I inhale...


NRA, Obama Attack Movie Violence

The national gun debate has officially gotten surreal: President Obama and the National Rifle Association agree on something. At a news conference earlier today, Wayne LaPierre, the NRA executive vice president, blamed “Holly...

Assault Weapons

If The Newtown Massacre Doesn’t Change Us, No Shooting Ever Will

Andrew McLemore
A few weeks ago, a friend of mine — who teaches freshmen English at Texas State University — noticed a new sign installed near the classroom door. Just a few inches from another sign spelling out emergency procedure...


LA Times Op-Ed Column Calls For Palin In 2016

Jeff Prince
Maybe California should fall off into the Pacific Ocean after all. A Los Angeles Times op-ed column says Sarah Palin is the Republican Party’s top prospect for the 2016 presidential election. After all, Palin is a hottie ...