Don McLeroy, former chairman of the Texas Board Of Education and a guy who believes T-Rexes lived on Noah's Arc.

T-Rex Lived On Noah’s Ark: Film Recaps Texas Textbook Battle

Andrew McLemore
Okay, today we’ll start class with a pop quiz: What do hip-hop, evolution and Thomas Jefferson all have in common? Answer: They were all stricken from Texas textbooks by the group of evangelicals that sit on the Texas Sta...

Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) and Rep. Mark Shelton (R-Fort Worth). COURTESY OF TEXAS TRIBUNE

VIDEO: Race For Wendy Davis Senate Seat Getting Uglier

Andrew McLemore
Texas Republicans, who already have a super-majority in the House, are salivating over the possibility of winning back the state Senate seat that Democrat Wendy Davis won in a surprise 2008 victory. Though it’s hard to co...


Christ, Here Come the “Nones!”

Jimmy Fowler
If you need further proof that the religious right in America has trashed the reputation of Christianity for an entire generation, check out this new survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life: “Nones” –– tha...


Voter Registration Ends Soon For Big Election

Jeff Prince
Vote early, but don’t vote Early. The Nov. 6 general election is approaching. If you want to have a say in the matter, you need to be registered. Texas isn’t a swing state so don’t expect to have much say in t...

Blotch-1 (2)

You’re an Imbecile, Sam Bacile

Kristian Lin
Let’s say I find myself a really long, sharp stick. Let’s say I take that stick and go poking an elephant with it repeatedly. Let’s say the elephant gets mad, goes on a rampage, and kills somebody else. Finall...


Poor David Wants Oswald Stone Returned

Jeff Prince
David Card, the irascible owner of Poor David’s Pub in Dallas, is bound and determined to get a family possession returned, and he’s turning to social media for help. He’s created a new Facebook page: Return T...


Still Time To Sign Up For Tomorrow’s EPA Meeting On (cough, cough) Clean Air

The Only Hearing in the Nation on EPA’s Proposed Weakening of Toxic Air Pollution Standards for all U.S. Cement Plants :Thursday August 16th-9 am to 7 pm –Arlington City Hall-101 W. Abram St. Downwinders’ At Risk...


Help Clean Fort Worth’s Polluted Air on August 16

The Only Hearing in the Nation on EPA’s Proposed Weakening of Toxic Air Pollution Standards for all U.S. Cement Plants When: Thursday August 16th-9 am to 7 pm Where: Arlington City Hall-101 W. Abram St. Fort Worth’s...


Mass Shootings? Sure, But Did You Know To Run Away?

Andrew McLemore
Could there be a better sign of how accustomed to mass shootings we have become? We no longer view these atrocities as surprising.  We actually expect them. What else can be concluded from a six-minute public service video, pr...


Chick-Fil-A, Not Cruz, Shows Enduring Strength Of Tea Party

Andrew McLemore
For two days, the surprise victory of Ted Cruz was all anybody could talk about. The Tea Party upstart who beat back establishment candidate David Dewhurst for the Texas Senate was the biggest sign yet of the enduring — a...