A New Definition of “Roving Reporter”

Gayle Reaves
It’s one of those things you thought you’d never actually see, like pigs flying, the Rangers in the World Series, falling ice being a health hazard at a local sports arena. The Star-Telegram posted the story on its web site...

Wild Wild West U. — Guns on Texas Campuses

Anthony Mariani
Texas college campuses are set to turn into the Wild Wild West if the lege allows students and teachers to carry firearms. Supporters claim that the relatively recent shootings at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois would not h...

Super Bowl Post-”Glee” Analysis

Kristian Lin
I watched the Green Bay Packers’ defense come up big and Christina Aguilera flub her lines, but you’re not hear to read about that. You want to find out how the post-Super Bowl episode of Glee turned out. Read on, b...

R.I.P., Milton Babbitt

Kristian Lin
It’s no surprise that Milton Babbitt passed away over the weekend. The man was, after all, 94 years old. He was also one of serial music’s founding fathers. Unfortunately, he’s best known for this 1958 essay t...

Hmmpff — More Travel + Leisure Hate

Anthony Mariani
Though based on some recent anti-Fort Worth comments to a previous Travel + Leisure-related Blotch post, I’m not all that surprised that visitors to North Texas find us ugly (we rank 18th in the looks department, according to...

Too Much Classic Rock on KXT?

Anthony Mariani
Listening to KXT the other day, I heard, in order, The Who, Rod Stewart, The Monkees, and then … The Orbans? “OK,” I thought. “KXT is admitting that its donors are mostly Baby Boomers or the children of Boomers and is t...

Travel + Leisure Readers Despise DFW

Anthony Mariani
When I first moved to Texas a long time ago (first Houston, then Fort Worth), a wise transplanted Yankee told me that while Northerners are provincial and closed off, once they let you into their lives, you’ll be treated as f...

Little Sisters of the Poor Congratulate TCU

Anthony Mariani
OK, as much as I admire and respect TCU football, I have to say that until TCU plays in a major conference –– and the Big East doesn’t count, ’less you’re talking hoops, and you’re not –– TCU football will never...

DFWian: Local Onion-esque Site

Anthony Mariani
There’s a newish Onion-y local news satire site called DFWian that’s not half bad. One post that recently caught my attention (thanks, Twitter) is “Rest of Nation Pretty Sure UT Won the Rose Bowl,” commenting on the Uni...

Onion Satirizes TCU

Anthony Mariani
TCU’s entrance into the Big East gets the Onion treatment. The NCAA league, according to the humor website, will accept TCU — but only if the university brings hot chicks. 33