Tom Delay Finally Jumped the Shark

Here he is on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. For one night, forget the fact that he took money from lobbyists, embezzled money, and was generally one of the most corrupt, pandering politicians in recent memory… and g...

Kids Under 12 Drink Free!

Anthony Mariani
Yep. You missed it.


Jimmy Fowler
I caught most of the ultra-hyped Oprah interview with Whitney Houston (part two today at 4!), and I have to say – I really regret never seeing an episode of ”Being Bobby Brown.” (Jeff, do you have any copies lying around?...

“King Of The Hill” Will Be Missed

Jeff Prince
The joy of watching the Dallas Cowboys kick butt in their season opener on Sunday was saddened later that evening when “King of the Hill” aired its series finale. Hank, Peggy, and Bobby Hill of “Arlen” have been welcome...

We Are Not Amused

Jimmy Fowler
I’ve never sampled the wings at Wing Stop, now being touted incessantly as “the official wings of the Dallas Cowboys,” but their TV ad featuring Troy Aikman and Jerry Jones mock-squabbling over the last wing cracks me up ...

Like, Chill Dudes

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth is among the 40 most stressful major cities in America, according to a new survey that considered sinking property values, unemployment, inflation, and poor environments. But don’t have a panic attack for chrissake...

Facebook Closed?

Jimmy Fowler
My favorite line from this ”NYT” piece about disgruntled ex-Facebookers comes near the bottom: “Facebook is good for finding people, but by now the novelty of that has worn off, and everyone’s been found.” On the one ...

Just Gossip

Anthony Mariani
Every time I’m standing in line at the grocery store, I’m assaulted by magazines that promise even more insight into “Jon and Kate.” Who the fuck are they? Are they reality-TV show contestants or something? Or are they ...

After Hours at the Kimbell

Anthony Mariani
Not enough local jazzbos are doing torch music and/or bossa nova-influenced stuff*. Period. So thanks then for Los Noviembres, the Fort Worth duet of guitarist Paul Boll and vocalist Angie Cassada that does justice to the class...

“Did You Hear That Lonesome Whippoorwill…”

Jimmy Fowler
Here’s an interesting “Newsweek” piece on loneliness in the age of online social networking. To see how the definition of “socializing” has changed over the last couple of decades, I need only look to my niece and nep...