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“The North Pool” at Amphibian Stage

A couple of years ago Amphibian Stage Productions had a smashing success with playwright Rajiv Joseph’s tender, mournful dark comedy Animals Out of Paper, about a master origami artist who mentors an angry street teen as they...


Is Texas Ready for Marriage Equality? It Doesn’t Matter

Sweet mother of god, can we hurry up and get this show on the road? Marriage equality, gay marriage, bromances with (state and federal) benefits –– call ‘em what you like, but legal same-sex unions are coming to all fifty...


“Saginaw Cares” — As Long As You’re Not a Skanky Addict

The unintended irony in one Saginaw resident’s statement was so thick, you could cut it with a knife: “People care, they really do. Saginaw is still a small town.” Big-hearted li’l Saginaw cares so much, they’ve preve...


Healthcare Writer Sneezes At Star-Telegram Obamacare Story

Jeff Prince
Maggie Mahar is something of a national expert when it comes to the healthcare industry. She’s written a book, news articles, and frequent blog posts on the subject. Before that she was a financial writer and a Yale Unive...


Year of the Bible in Flower Mound? Not for the Zoros

I’m always fascinated by the inability of people to do something simple but very important: Look at a situation through the eyes of other folks with different opinions and life experiences. Doing this obviously never occurred...


DFW Norml Presents Chronica 2013

Another season of peace, joy, and good will to everyone has almost passed, and not a minute too soon: My face hurts from wearing a constant expression of child-like wonder and generosity. There’s still a few days left for the...


2014 Men of Fairmount Calendar

Looking for a last minute Fort Worth-centric gift? Do you dig tatted-up dudes with long beards who aren’t reality TV assholes? Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the 2014 Men of Fairmount Calendar, a twelve-month tour w...


Duck Dynasty Bruhaha

Peter Gorman
Never saw the show. Not one much for television. But I’ve been following the bruhaha regarding the patriarch of the show who made his feelings known about homosexuality in a recent major magazine piece. The company that m...


Krampusnacht in Cowtown

Is your holiday season missing a certain spark? Maybe the magical sound of children’s terrified screams is what you need, a spice that only Krampus can provide this time of year. I’ve been campaigning for a while now to bri...

12 Years a Slave best

DFW Film Critics: “12 Years a Slave” Is Year’s Best Film

Kristian Lin
The Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association announced the results of their annual poll this morning, and 12 Years a Slave took the prize as the best film of 2013. So that fellow critic whom I screamed at after I first saw th...