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Rick Perry 3

Rick Perry Takes Bold Stands Against Reality

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to worry about Rick Perry. For a long time, his states’ rights/secessionist shtick looked loony, but you could explain it as playing to the rabid Texas Republican base. His hillbil...


Evil Puritans Censor Dallas Gay Pride. Is Fort Worth Next?

A gay tempest was unleashed in a Dallas teapot yesterday when the Dallas Voice, North Texas’s LGBT newspaper, posted a story about parade organizers and police enforcing a “no nudity” dress code for this Sunday’s Dallas...


Texas Troubadour Abroad: Portrush

My name is Keegan McInroe, and I am a singer-songwriter from Lubbock who’s been living in Fort Worth off and on since 2001, when I began my four years of study at Texas Christian University. Over the course of my 10 years wri...


Stage West Founder Jerry Russell Dies

In the coming days there will be many North Texas media tributes to actor, director, and Stage West founder Jerry Russell, 77, who died this morning from lingering complications due to abdominal surgery. The two coolest things ...


Fast Food Workers Strike in North Texas

Not so long ago, when fast food employees complained about their ungodly low pay, the sneery response was: “Well, then, why don’t you go back to school and train for a better job?” Currently, though, the creeping economic...


School District Bond Package To Be Explained at Town Hall Meetings

Eric Griffey
The Fort Worth School District released a schedule of town hall meetings to discuss the particulars of the $489 million Capital Improvement Program that was unanimously approved by the board of trustees. The series of 16 meetin...

helen mirren

The ‘Phibs and The Modern Present “The Audience”

If you want a lesson in how to grow older with grace and authority, look no further than the great British actress Dame Helen Mirren. The 68-year-old is one of that very select group of international performers/celebrities who ...

Like most Los Vaqueros entrees, the Don Juan Coco Von is named after a Cisneros family member. Photo by Lee Chastain.

Happy 30th, Los Vaqueros

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Los Vaqueros, all three locations –– the Stockyards, TCU, and Weatherford –– are offering “throwback specials,” entrées and drinks priced as they were back when the restaurant s...


Condom Nation Tour Offers Free HIV Testing

I can tell you from personal experience that getting an HIV test –– especially your first –– can be a scary experience, indeed. But since the dawn of the AIDS pandemic in the early ‘80s, there’s never been a better ...


North Texas Bronies Meet Up At Six Flags

Eric Griffey
For those unfamiliar with bronies, they are male fans of the “My Little Pony” cartoon. (Female fans are called bronettes). The North Texas Bronies are an active community that meets up regularly. The group has nearl...