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Help Kickstart DVA’s “Sam Shade” Show

So you’re a North Texas arts supporter who’s been wanting to send some cash to a worthy project or artist. You’ve heard a lot about the online crowdfunding source Kickstarter, but as adorable as Zach Braff is, you’ve de...

mike s

Former TV Anchorman Mike Snyder Has Interesting New Job

Jeff Prince
Former TV anchorman Mike Snyder dropped out of the public eye in 2010 after Channel 5 no longer wanted his weird ass telling us the nightly news. I blogged on Snyder’s departure back then and called him “the worst o...


TCU Adds Chick-fil-A, Angers LGBT Community

Eric Griffey
When Texas Christian University students return next fall, they’ll be greeted by a shiny new Chick-fil-A on campus — and many LGBT students and alumni and supporters are not happy about it. In May, school officials ...


Fort Worth Wrestles With (Sorta) Nude Servers

This week the Fort Worth City Council debated the definition of nudity in order to head off possible public outrage from the Cowtown location of Redneck Heaven. The restaurant’s Lewisville address sometimes encourages its fem...


The Taco Dog: New, Exclusive, and Pretty Gross

I thought any baseball fan who could afford those pricey tickets at Rangers Ballpark would want fancy noshes from the concession stand. You know, something both decadent and preposterously foodie –– say, nachos made with wh...

Fred's will be expanding into the space formerly occupied by The Oui Lounge and The Love Shack. Photo courtesy of City Data.

Oui Lounge to Be Fred’s Texas TCU

Fred’s, according to a press release sent earlier today, will expand into the space formerly occupied by The Love Shack and Oui Lounge on Bluebonnet Circle near TCU. Fred’s Texas TCU will be the third restaurant bearing the...

Perry Corn dog

Texas Republicans Versus New York

Eric Griffey
Governor Rick Perry has been on the warpath against other states. He’s taken out radio ads in Illinois, California, and New York trying to convince businesses to move to deep in the heart of Texas. Well, one New Yorker ha...


Screw Twinkies, Where’s My Ding Dong?

The national media is dutifully giving today’s Return of the Twinkie a warm hug of celebratory headlines. People say they love Twinkies, but I’m not really convinced. There’s a certain social pressure to claim the golden ...


An Apology, Holy Moly in WSJ, Music Awards After-Party

Lots to get to, but first I’d like to apologize for my/HearSay’s grossly insensitive column last week (“Panic Volcanic: Freak Fuzz”). I’m sorry for implying that female vocalists in hard rock and/or metal bands someho...


Totally Awesome Fireworks Almost Burn Down City

At the risk of being called a mom-and-apple-pie hating socialist traitor, I’m gonna suggest we shelve fireworks as an Independence Day celebration ingredient. Like clandestine sex with your best friend’s spouse, firewo...