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Like most Los Vaqueros entrees, the Don Juan Coco Von is named after a Cisneros family member. Photo by Lee Chastain.

Happy 30th, Los Vaqueros

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Los Vaqueros, all three locations –– the Stockyards, TCU, and Weatherford –– are offering “throwback specials,” entrées and drinks priced as they were back when the restaurant s...


Condom Nation Tour Offers Free HIV Testing

I can tell you from personal experience that getting an HIV test –– especially your first –– can be a scary experience, indeed. But since the dawn of the AIDS pandemic in the early ‘80s, there’s never been a better ...


North Texas Bronies Meet Up At Six Flags

Eric Griffey
For those unfamiliar with bronies, they are male fans of the “My Little Pony” cartoon. (Female fans are called bronettes). The North Texas Bronies are an active community that meets up regularly. The group has nearl...


Peter Gorman Versus The Jungle

Eric Griffey
In addition to being an award winning journalist and author, Peter Gorman is also quite the adventurer. Every year, the Fort Worth Weekly staff writer spends a few weeks in the jungles of Peru leading tours. On his last trip, h...

photos by ronjenkinsphoto.com

Seasonal Jobs at Cutting Edge

Mid-August arrives in North Texas, and a boy’s thoughts turn to: Haunted houses, the professional amusement kind where you pay admission to let strangers in makeup jump out at you from shadowy corners. This fall, for a change...


Jane Austen vs. Kelly Clarkson: Celebrity Grudge Match

Somebody needs to tell Burleson native Kelly Clarkson that she’s not acting like a pop star. First off, she apparently reads. Literature. For fun. It was her appreciation of British author Jane Austen that led her to purchase...


Final Weekend for SceneShop’s “Real Men”

Tonight and tomorrow night (8pm August 9 & 10) are the final performances of SceneShop’s annual summer collection of comic and dramatic sketches and scenes at Arts Fifth Avenue (1628 5th Ave, FW). The 2013 edition of this...


Questions for Arlington’s 110-Year-Old Woman

If you blinked on Sunday, you may have missed the local news story about an Arlington birthday celebration for a 110-year-old woman identified as Mrs. Sai Vu. I’d like to offer public congratulations to her and her family for...


Help Kickstart DVA’s “Sam Shade” Show

So you’re a North Texas arts supporter who’s been wanting to send some cash to a worthy project or artist. You’ve heard a lot about the online crowdfunding source Kickstarter, but as adorable as Zach Braff is, you’ve de...

mike s

Former TV Anchorman Mike Snyder Has Interesting New Job

Jeff Prince
Former TV anchorman Mike Snyder dropped out of the public eye in 2010 after Channel 5 no longer wanted his weird ass telling us the nightly news. I blogged on Snyder’s departure back then and called him “the worst o...