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Federal Court Says To Keep Journalist In Prison

Jeff Prince
Reporter Barrett Brown is an extremely funny guy who also happens to be really smart. Combine the two, and you’ll sometimes end up with a smart-ass. Brown is definitely a smart-ass. He’s also a member of the Fourth ...


Rust Belt’s Time in the Sun

Let’s be clear. Urban Meyer is a jerk. With Ohio State up by 15 points with mere seconds left in the national championship game last night and his offense on Oregon’s 2 yardline, he chose to not run out the clock by taking ...


One Play Determines Cowboys’ Fate?

Like a crazy person, I’ve been screaming –– for years –– that the NFL splits too many flippin’ hairs now, which does nothing but slow down games a ton, which, especially for fans of teams that may finally be gaining...

Film Title: Retrospective -Michael Powell

The Kimbell Screens “The Red Shoes”

It’s not exaggerating to say that Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s garishly colorful 1948 melodrama The Red Shoes is one of the most influential movies ever made. Its influence is especially important because the fil...


Cowboys Given New Life

I felt sick. Nauseous. Disgusted. Dirty. I had just watched NFL referees give away a game. To my favorite team. Did the Pittsburgh Steelers deserve to be in the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks in 2005? Absolutely. Could...


Open Call for Artes de la Rosa Resident Acting Company

This is exciting news for the North Texas theater scene: It was recently announced that Artes de la Rosa, the performing and visual arts arm of Fort Worth’s historic Rose Marine Theater, would create a resident acting company...

TCU logo

Occupy TCU, Baylor

A lot of folks are upset that the Horned Frogs weren’t invited to the big dance, the inaugural College Football Playoff. Their pain is palpable. TCU went 11-1, their only loss coming on a horrible pass interference call in th...


Gay Arlington Santa Jingles Bells in New Doc

Once a long-standing bigotry like homophobia starts to become unacceptable to the mainstream, the last remaining advocates of said prejudice go from looking hateful to comical. Case in point: The new documentary feature I Am...


Wendy Davis’ New Memoir: Fearless

Though once a great hope for the Democratic Party, Wendy Davis may end up being best known as the person who lost to Texas governor-elect Greg Abbott in an election that reflected the national trend of Republican domination and...

Bass Hall was packed with music fans on Wednesday but not for a live performance. Photo by Performing Arts Fort Worth.

Cinematic Virtuosity

International piano competitions and glitzy film festivals make for interesting bedfellows. The mix seemed uneasy at first but slowly coalesced into a memorable evening as the Van Cliburn Foundation’s new documentary, Virtuos...