Random Stuff

“Cowtown” Alive and Well to NBC-5

Anthony Mariani
There’s never been any doubt that North Texas’ four broadcast news stations treat Fort Worth, the 17th largest city in the country, as a backwater hamlet. You’re liable to get more news about what’s going on in your bac...

Become a Fort Worth Weekly Facebook Fan

Anthony Mariani
The Weekly‘s “personal” Facebook page has exceeded FB’s 5,000 friends limit. Holy wow is right. I’ve started a “fan” page, which will allow us to compile as many friends/fans as technol...

This “Bee” Flies High

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s ”Stage” review declares that Theatre Arlington’s current production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is spelled “h-i-t.” If you’re looking for something that’s both light and scalpel sha...

Telegraph Canyon on Gossip Girl

Anthony Mariani
OK, OK! I watch Gossip Girl. But don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s the New York City setting. The campus of Columbia University, one of my beloved alma maters, has been featured prominently in the show (mainly in early episodes)...

Miller to Jones: “Not Impressed”

Jimmy Fowler
Memories aren’t the only things that light the corners of my mind – Jerry Jones’s hurt feelings do, too. When he told a questioner at an SMU event yesterday that Dallas, rather than Arlington, might’ve had Cowboys Stadi...

Try “Die” My Darling

Jimmy Fowler
My attitude towards so-called “guilty pleasure” TV is – if you enjoy watching it, you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. But after viewing recent back-to-back episodes of Spike TV’s 1000 Ways to Die – on the recommenda...

Playboy Names UT Austin Best School

Jeff Prince
The University of Texas at Austin was recognized as the best college in the country. The award didn’t come from the University Interscholastic League or some other stodgy group. Nope, it came from an outfit that carries more ...

Tom Hicks to Sell Liverpool Soccer Team

Embattled soon-to-be former owner of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars has announced his intentions to sell his English premier league “football” team. Hicks’ critics are finding this move to be ironic, since...

Is It Me, or Does This Suck?

Jimmy Fowler
Check out this thought-provoking blog meditation by NYT theater critic Charles Isherwood on a phenomenon he calls “Odd Man Out Syndrome” – that is, when you’re apparently the only one in the audience who dislikes a pla...

April 15: Tax Man Cometh

Jeff Prince
In honor of April 15, the deadline to ask for an extension to further delay doing your taxes: