Random Stuff

April 15: Tax Man Cometh

Jeff Prince
In honor of April 15, the deadline to ask for an extension to further delay doing your taxes:

“But Officer, It Was Bait”

Jimmy Fowler
National web forums are aflame with unsparing words for a Garland man convicted in Rockwall County: He’s a “low life” and a “dirt bag” who deserves a beating and will have to live with what he’s done “for the ...

Facebook ‘Friend Collectors’ Puzzling

Jeff Prince
Seems like every other day I get a facebook friend request from somebody I’ve never met. Sometimes they live locally, and maybe we even have a mutual friend or two, but since we’ve never met each other — why d...

Ultimate Census Competition

Jimmy Fowler
The mayors of Fort Worth and Arlington are in a friendly competition to see which 817 burg returns more U.S. census forms by April 30. This is a dorky, high school-level publicity stunt with very good intentions – to get as m...

Another Setback for “Gay Jesus” Play

Gayle Reaves
Fort Worth’s Rose Marine Theater, which earlier this week had offered Tarleton State University students a place to put on their canceled play involving a gay Jesus, rescinded that offer on Thursday, according to a posting on...

The Star-T’s Intellectual Fraudulence Problem

Anthony Mariani
Readers shouldn’t expect much from the Star-Telegram’s arts and entertainment section. With the exception of film critic Chris Kelly’s work, most of the writing is pretty chummy and seems tossed off. Some of it is painful...

Seeking Writing Submissions

Anthony Mariani
Local poet and all-around rabble-rouser Tammy Gomez is seeking scribed submissions for a forthcoming anthology, the portentously named Somethin’ Stinks in Fort Worth, to be published by Tejana Tongue Press, the publishing arm...

Critics? Who Needs ‘Em

Anthony Mariani
Daily-newspaper bosses across the country have been letting cultural critics go en masse, no doubt due to the crappy economy, no doubt due to the predominance of the blogosphere. Smarty-pantses are all verklempt about the situa...

The Buddha on KERA-TV

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight’s (Wednesday’s) 8pm broadcast premiere of the PBS documentary The Buddha on KERA-TV Channel 13 should be worth a look – even if, as this NYT review warns, writer-director David Grubin leans toward the thumb-suckin...

Uncle Julio, Frog Killer

Jimmy Fowler
You may think you have enough to worry about with the still weak economy, global warming, and Sandra Bullock’s relationship status. Think again! Along comes the national non-profit conservation group Save the Frogs! to heap a...