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Nolan High Honors Classy Sister Act

Jimmy Fowler
In pop culture, Catholic nuns have long carried the reputation of being cold, sometimes even sadistic classroom despots. (Friends of mine who attended Catholic schools have told me that, like many stereotypes, there is a hint o...

Jeffrey Skilling, Enron Swag Soar: Ironic?

Jeff Prince
A former Enron CEO is seeking a new trial, but the really interesting news is that ethics-related Enron swag from back in the day is now a hot item on the collectible market. This recent eBay auction saw somebody pay $899 plus ...

A Twinkie In The Kids’ Eyes

Jeff Prince
One in three American kids is obese. This new study shows teens are smoking more marijuana these days, which could lead to even more obesity. Fortunately, help is on the way.

Independence Day: Happy Birthday TX

Jeff Prince
Our state was born on this day in 1836. She started out kinda slimy and ugly like most babies do, but she’s grown into a grand old dame. Sure, she’s got her problems (as Fort Worth Weekly likes to remind everybody). But we ...

Winter Olympic Thoughts (the Games close)

Kristian Lin
In the last event of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Sidney Crosby scored an overtime goal for Team Canada to beat USA in the gold medal hockey match. Well, that just makes sense. Sid the Kid didn’t actually get on the scoresheet m...

Look, Youse, I’m Better Than You

Jeff Prince
Look, I’m going to say this once – I’m sick of hearing politicians, pundits, preachers, and people everywhere prefacing every other sentence with “Look.” It all began when Barack Obama was campaigning for the presiden...

SeaWorld Killer Whale Like Marriage

Jeff Prince
The international media is abuzz about Tilikum, the Sea World Orlando orca that killed its trainer. Sea World officials said they aren’t going to kill the animal, even though he’s now been linked to three human deaths. Peop...

ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser Nips Hannah Storm, Learns Clarice Rule

Jeff Prince
When will TV news guys learn that you can’t mess with TV news gals? ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser is the latest to learn the Clarice Rule. He’s been suspended for daring to criticize the wardrobe of colleague Hannah Storm. His r...

Fort Worth Teen Scene in Texas Monthly

Anthony Mariani
As part of Texas Monthly magazine’s current feature on ’60s-era Texas garage rock, writer Michael Hall has created a list of 12 songs from the era that, per the mag’s current cover story (“The Bucket List”), you must ...

Jay Leno Nabs Sarah Palin, Other Loudmouths

Jeff Prince
The hip comic who replaced Johnny Carson as “The Tonight Show” host in 1992 is getting his old job back. But this time around, Jay Leno is desperately uncool and publicly humiliated. Leno flopped in prime time, and Conan O...