Random Stuff

Off Asides on Dallas Cowboys

Jeff Prince
My colleague Peter Gorman erroneously predicted that the New York Giants would beat the Dallas Cowboys. Sorry, Peter, but the Giants didn’t do squat. Tony Romo beat the Cowboys. I’m always interested to see what my friend J...

Another Rainy Weekend

Jimmy Fowler
There are only three more performances in Amphibian Productions’ run of Richard Greenberg’s quietly affecting ”Three Days Of Rain.” Catch it if you can. The play features at least three characters with a grating tendenc...

2012 Doomsday Prophecy: $10 Milk

Jeff Prince
All these 2012 doomsday prophecies I’ve been inundating myself with online and on The History Channel for the past week have put me in a funk. Pangs of anger, depression, and worry are crowding into my more typical emotions o...

Chef Tim Love Back on Bravo

Chef/Owner Tim Love (Lonesome Dove, Love Shack) will be back on the Bravo Network’s hit show Top Chef. Love, who recently competed on the network’s Top Chef Masters show, will appear as a guest judge on this season&...

Kids Under 12 Drink Free!

Anthony Mariani
Yep. You missed it.


Jimmy Fowler
I caught most of the ultra-hyped Oprah interview with Whitney Houston (part two today at 4!), and I have to say – I really regret never seeing an episode of ”Being Bobby Brown.” (Jeff, do you have any copies lying around?...

Jay Leno Takes It On Chin In Debut

Jeff Prince
Red flags popped up in my mind when the TV commercials promoting Jay Leno’s new primetime show for weeks on end were surprisingly unfunny. Then, I kept hearing about how Leno was going to bring back funny to prime time. More ...

Cuzthisis Thrillaaa!

Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth will be part of a worldwide effort to perform the largest simultaneous dance. The song –– and the moves –– will be Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Y’know. Clawed hands in the air going back and forth. S...

This Just In: World To End Soon

Jeff Prince
I watched a lot of the History Channel this weekend and was floored by all the shows about Nostradamus, the Mayans, and other ancient prophets who claimed that Armageddon, the end of days, the apocalypse, or whatever you want t...

“King Of The Hill” Will Be Missed

Jeff Prince
The joy of watching the Dallas Cowboys kick butt in their season opener on Sunday was saddened later that evening when “King of the Hill” aired its series finale. Hank, Peggy, and Bobby Hill of “Arlen” have been welcome...