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GLORIA CAMPOS (Facebook photo)

Gloria Campos Stops Spreading The News

Jeff Prince
Holy Tweet! Gloria Campos says she’s hanging up her Teleprompter after 30 years in television news. March 7 marks her final newscast at Channel 8. Campos, 59, was the Metroplex’s first Hispanic news anchor, and she’s deli...

The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells (Wikimedia Commons).

Are Rumors Of Baker Hotel’s Rebirth Greatly Exaggerated?

Jeff Prince
The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells was slowly limping toward a sad end when Fort Worth Weekly last visited in 2003. The dilapidated hotel hadn’t seen a sleepover guest in decades but opened its doors occasionally for ghost hunt...


Lone Star Film Society Screens “Sunrise”

Since there are so few chances to see expat German director F.W. Murnau’s silent stunner Sunrise (1927) on a big screen, movie fans should grab the opportunity when it comes. As part of its “ArthouseFW 2014″ serie...


Way to Go, Michael Sam

Anthony Mariani
I played college ball. Small-time but still. Some of our coaches and several teammates had coached and played on the D-I level, and they said that we D-II student-athletes worked just as hard as they did in the big leagues. We ...


Denise Lee Does Cabaret at Stage West

Music fans in the 21st century have all but forgotten the art of cabaret singing. But that performance style –– in which a vocalist with minimal accompaniment interpets a collection of personally significant songs for a sma...


2014 Peaceful Vocations Poetry Slam

USA Today and other news outlets blared the Pew poll headlines just a few days ago: More than half of Americans think our military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have been a failure. It’s not just those damn commie homo h...


2014 Stupor Bowl Ride

One advantage of being a non-football fan on Super Bowl Sunday is: You have the roads and highways virtually all to yourself. Starting late in the morning, football fans plant themselves at their watching party of choice and do...


Safety Panel on Workplace Shootings

If you think about it, people who favor tough gun control laws are motivated by pretty much the same thing as those who want few (or no) firearms restrictions: Fear of A Crazy Person With a Gun. The stories are all over the loc...


“The North Pool” at Amphibian Stage

A couple of years ago Amphibian Stage Productions had a smashing success with playwright Rajiv Joseph’s tender, mournful dark comedy Animals Out of Paper, about a master origami artist who mentors an angry street teen as they...


Is Texas Ready for Marriage Equality? It Doesn’t Matter

Sweet mother of god, can we hurry up and get this show on the road? Marriage equality, gay marriage, bromances with (state and federal) benefits –– call ‘em what you like, but legal same-sex unions are coming to all fifty...