Random Stuff

Beer Guts Are “In.” Seriously.

Anthony Mariani
Apparently in the Big Apple, hipsters are rocking beer guts. Proudly. The look is called the Ralph Kramden. (I’m not making this up.) The Times has the story. “I sort of think the six-pack abs obsession got so prissy it sto...

Restaurant Week Starts Tonight

Every year, restaurants around the metroplex offer a 3-course prix fixe dinner for $35 — a bargain considering the caliber of restaurants participating in KRLD’s Restaurant Week. A portion of the proceeds benefits t...

Playmaker, Iceman Set To Dance

Jeff Prince
One of the baddest men to ever don a Dallas Cowboys uniform, Michael Irvin, and one of the baddest men to ever take a breath, Chuck Liddell, have agreed to look like fools on national TV. They’re among the just-announced cele...

Oh, We’re Going! To a Hukilau! A Huki Huki Huki Huki Hukilau!

Anthony Mariani
At 8 o’clock tonight (Monday) at the Southside Preservation Hall (1519 Lipscomb St.), an informal group called the Hepcat Hop is throwing a 1950s Hawaiian Luau. DJ Tyler Evans promises to play music only from 1950 through 195...

Lying Atop Marilyn Ain’t Cheap

Jeff Prince
For anybody who dreamed of lying next to Marilyn Monroe, your chance is here. A Los Angeles widow is auctioning the burial plot directly above the sex symbol who died on Aug. 5, 1962. The widow, who’s trying to pay off her $1...

Former Bad-Ass Now A Pussycat

Jeff Prince
The Cowboys are lucky to be rid of Roy Williams. I’m not talking about the current Cowboys receiver. No, I’m talking about the former Cowboys safety who went from great to bad seemingly overnight, from being the bad-ass hit...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys

Jeff Prince
Okay, sports fans, the season’s first preseason game is here and I’m settled in the couch. The game started an hour ago but I’ve TIVO’d it so I can skip commercials. My work colleague Anthony Mariani thinks it’s a...

Down With Hippies

Jimmy Fowler
Since we’re now drowning in coverage of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, complete with international commemorative concerts by frail survivors, let me take the time to confess: Hippies have always annoyed me. Specifically, ...

Jon Bonnell on National TV

Texas cuisine impresario Jon Bonnell is scheduled to cook up some of his signature dishes on CBS’s The Early Show in New York on Saturday August 22. The show airs from 6-8am, so set your alarm.

Cowboys Tandem: Yin & Bang?

Jeff Prince
Stories circulating at the Dallas Cowboys training camp: Will Tony Romo finally win a playoff game? Will Marion Barber and Felix Jones carry the offense on their massive legs? Will offensive coordinator Jason Garrett become a c...