Film Reviews


Confession time: I love summer movies. I grew up on Jurassic Park, Independence Day, and the first run of Batman movies. I’d rather watch monsters eat people and spaceships blow up than a divorcée struggling to readapt t...

Housing Balloon

The best part of Pixar’s new movie Up comes early on. The film starts with its main character, Carl Fredericksen, as a little boy in the 1930s who meets a little girl named Ellie. After their initial meeting, the story gi...

Disney’s World

His name “gets attention,” said Andrew Disney, a Fort Worth native who’s only distantly related to the famous Disneys. “People remember it. It’s a conversation starter. I’m even in a Facebook...

I, Robot

The Terminator was about time-traveling robots from the future sent to kill an unborn child named John Connor before he could grow up to be a man and defeat them in a future war between humans and machines. Through the decades,...

Vacant Rooms

I’ll admit it, Management got to me. To the naked eye, this low-budget film may look like a cookie-cutter Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy, and that’s exactly what it is for long stretches, especially at the beginni...

Fútbol Flop

It’s hard to make a sports film with real originality. How do you resist the siren call of the genre’s cliches: the tough but all-knowing coach, the supportive girlfriend, the big game? How do you avoid those traps ...

Magician’s Assistant

I’m rather enjoying Michael Caine’s late career. In this decade, he’s done excellent work providing levity in dark films like Children of Men and the last two Batman movies. However, this 76-year-old actor has...

Maiden Voyage

I am not a Star Trek fan. I hung out with a lot of them growing up, but I managed to miss all the TV shows and most of the movies through the years. Next to the whiz-bang appeal of the Star Wars series, Trek‘s more cerebr...

Mala Day

The latest and certainly the least of the recent 3-D movies, Battle for Terra is directed by Canadian animator Aristomenis Tsirbas, based on an award-winning short film that he made six years ago. The latter’s computer an...

Wedding Carol

What can be done with Matthew McConaughey at this point? Back at the beginning of his acting career, in Dazed and Confused, he played a character who bragged about getting older while his girlfriends stayed the same age.