Film Reviews

Custodial Interference

If you want a sharp little thriller, take The Lookout to the bank.
Kristian Lin
Saying that The Lookout is a terrific little film may sound patronizing, but it’s actually high praise.

Break-in Breakout

Fort Worth filmmaker Jon Keeyes has rounded up Edward Furlong, Bai Ling, and other Hollywood vets for his new heist flick.
Brian Abrams
Even though Edward Furlong has been a working actor for 16 years, the star of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Detroit Rock City, and Pecker hasn’t been able to play anything other than a young punk. He just looks like a kid.

America’s Next Top Murderer

A psycho killer shows his softer side to the cameras in the clever Behind the Mask.
Kristian Lin
It’s been too long since we had a halfway decent American horror flick that wasn’t a remake.

Super Sibs

These two movies needed some of the magic of their main characters.
Kristian Lin
Hollywood turns out so many movies about superheroes or people who acquire superpowers. It’s probably just a coincidence that the two out this week are both about sets of siblings who have them. Neither film is a full-blown s...

Strange Animal

A man-eating underwater beast unites a family in the wild and wacky The Host.
Kristian Lin
If I’d known that The Host was opening in Grapevine as well as Dallas last week, I would have reviewed it on time.

Classical Gore

There’s nothing spartan about the eye-popping, eye-gouging visual style of 300.
Kristian Lin
I’m always puzzled when my fellow film critics decry the notion of “style over substance” in movies.

Cold Case

An amateur detective follows the signs of a killer in the admirable Zodiac.
Kristian Lin
Sheesh, you make one splattery serial-killer flick that turns into a blockbuster hit, and everybody thinks they have you pegged.

Men With Choppers

Wild Hogs is bad enough to make you trade in your motorcycle for an SUV.
Some years ago, political satirist Mark Russell observed that guys caught in mid-life crises tended to handle them in one of three ways: They bought motorcycles, cheated on their wives, or became spies for the Soviets. He wound...

Since My Baby Left Me

Black Snake Moan turns a great premise into Southern-fried cornpone.
Kristian Lin
If Black Snake Moan is disappointing, that’s largely because it starts out with one of the greatest premises of any movie in recent years.

What’s the Big Idea?

Three movies this week are dominated by men and their obsessions.
George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.