The Alchemist Cookbook – Ty Hickson stars in this horror movie as a young slacker who falls prey to paranoid delusions while holed up alone in the woods.

Film Shorts

Kristian Lin
OPENING   The Alchemist Cookbook (NR) Ty Hickson stars in this horror movie as a young slacker who falls prey to paranoid delusions while holed up alone in the woods. Also with Amari Cheatom. (Opens Friday in Dallas) Bette...

Rusty Joiner tries to work out his religious doubts on the heavy bag in "Voiceless."

Voiceless: Abort! Abort!

In this pro-life drama, it’s the thinking that’s unborn.
Kristian Lin
Maybe you saw “God Is a Boob Man,” Saturday Night Live’s parody of contemporary Christian movies, when it aired this past spring. After sitting through God’s Not Dead (the original and the sequel), October Baby, Saving ...

Sushant Singh Rajput stars in this biography of the legendary Indian cricketer, M.S. Dhoni.

Film Shorts

Kristian Lin
OPENING Author: The JT LeRoy Story (R) Jeff Feuerzeig (The Devil and Daniel Johnston) directs this documentary about the literary hoax that was exposed in 2006. (Opens Friday in Dallas) The Dressmaker (R) Kate Winslet stars in ...

From left to right, Director Ron Howard, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr. Courtesy MPL Communications, Charlie Gray.

Film Shorts

Kristian Lin
OPENING The Beatles: Eight Days a Week — The Touring Years (NR) Ron Howard’s documentary about the band during the years 1963-66. Starring Elvis Costello, Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Izzard, Richard Lester, and Sigourney Weaver....


Hollywood Round-Up

Three literary adaptations hit our multiplexes for prestige season.
Kristian Lin
Oscar season has started to get into swing with the release this week of three big Hollywood movies based on real-life stories or well-known literary properties. By far the best one to see is Queen of Katwe, which tells the sto...


Boxer Willie

The homeless drama Cardboard Boxer never crawls out of the box.
Kristian Lin
You should always be suspicious of homeless dramas that star Oscar-nominated Hollywood actors. There are so many different ways that such movies can go wrong, prettifying the squalor or giving the actors phony Oscar-bait speech...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt sweats out a CIA polygraph test in Snowden.

Snowden: Whitehat

Joseph Gordon-Levitt shines amid this biopic’s flaws.
Kristian Lin
In some ways, Oliver Stone suits an Edward Snowden biopic perfectly. Who better to tell the story of this generation’s foremost government whistle-blower than a paranoid unreconstructed ’60s hippie activist who cherishes su...

The Disappointments Room

Film Shorts

Kristian Lin
OPENING The Disappointments Room (R) Kate Beckinsale stars in this horror film as a mother who unleashes supernatural forces in the attic or her new rural home. Also with Duncan Joiner, Lucas Till, Michaela Conlin, Michael Land...

Tom Hanks deals with the aftermath of heroism in Sully.

Water Landing

Tom Hanks soars above the stale drama of Sully.
Steve Steward
Named for US Airways pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, Clint Eastwood’s film tells the real-life story of how, in January 2009, Sullenberger and co-pilot Jeff Skiles successfully executed the water landing of Flight 154...

Susana Gibb is producer and star of "Element."

Susana Gibb’s Movie Dreams

A North Texas actor segues into producing films as well.
Kristian Lin
For someone who’s been acting in TV and film for more than 20 years, Susana Gibb is surprisingly ambivalent about her chosen profession. The slender and attractive mainstay of local films says this as she discusses Daylight...