It’s only one genre of painting, yet landscapes open themselves up to infinite variety, as you can see at Artspace 111′s show.

Margret Blondal

While the Gallery Night showings draw all the attention (see Night & Day page), the show at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts is still on display through this weekend.

Disco Dick

The strange and varied career of local radio personality Richard Hunter, a.k.a. Big Dick Hunter, a.k.a. BDH, will soon take another turn. On April 1, the one-time Fort Worth mayoral candidate and bassist for ’90s rockabil...

In the Zone

Butterfly Connection crosses over into a dimension of virtuosity. Last Saturday night in an office storefront on East Lancaster Avenue, the scene was like something from one of those 17th-century French salons. Artists and arti...

New Works by Texas Artists

Arts Fifth Avenue’s Gallery Night show continues at the Southside venue. It includes Glenna Janda’s cubist self-portrait, John Ladd’s photographs, and John Carlisle Moore’s ineffably strange piece whose ...

Magic Numbers

Jazz lovers and other cultists were likely the only ones to catch last month’s fleeting obituary for singer-composer Blossom Dearie, who died at 84. She had a small but utterly recognizable voice that combined all kinds o...

Graff, Tag, and Bomb

If you’re in Denton this weekend for NX35, you might want to drop by the UNT Art Gallery for the current show Graff, Tag, and Bomb. The show contains works by North Texas artists Tony Bones, Sergio Garcia, Mark S. Nelson,...

Powder Kegs

Amon Carter would approve: Make classic Dallas desserts right here in Cowtown. It’s possible with the new cookbook by Helen Thompson, Dallas Classic Desserts: Recipes from Favorite Restaurants. The concept is clever: sign...

Heady Reference

Systems and Process in Abstract Art is a different kind of art exhibit. The collaboration between two local art professors, Vincent Falsetta and Ronald Watson, is an un-self-conscious master class in genuine and genuinely idios...


The press release from William Campbell Contemporary Art goes on at length about the texture and expressiveness of Otis Jones’ paintings, yet any photo reproduction of them will only make such talk seem absurd. To get the...