El Día de los Muertos

El Día de los Muertos may be over and gone, but the holiday’s spirit will keep going at Arts Fifth Avenue. Lynn Hart’s paintings inspired by the tribute to the dead will remain on display through the month of Novem...

Going Once …

Several watercolor paintings recently donated to the Juneteenth Museum on Rosedale Street obviously weren’t rendered by a master, but they were painted with love and skill by one Fort Worth’s most influential Africa...

Fort Worth ‘Boo!’s

As Halloween is the season, Fort dwellers might want to ponder the spectral entities in their own backyard. Mitchel Whitington’s Ghosts of North Texas from Republic of Texas Press contains at least as much local history a...

Revolutionary Ballet

Leonard Eureka
It takes guts for a small company like Metropolitan Classical Ballet to try to mount a convincing production of a Soviet-era blockbuster like Spartacus, but the group met the challenge earlier this week in Bass Performance Hall.

Halloween Art Exhibition

    There’s Halloween-related activities going on everywhere this weekend, but if you’re artistically inclined and in the Arlington area, you might want to drop in on F6 Gallery, 2008 critic’s choice for bes...

Still Stormy?

Leonard Eureka
Texas Ballet Theater may be down financially, but it isn’t out artistically. Last weekend’s performances of Mozart’s Requiem and Stormy Weather at Bass Performance Hall showed the group to be in better shape t...

Back Again, At Last

Bror Utter, Cynthia Brants, and Kelly Fearing are among the Fort Worth artists usually mentioned first when discussing the city’s early ventures into Modernism. Their reputations and accolades continued throughout their c...

The Enemy Within

Standing – quaking, actually – in front of Kara Walker’s stark silhouettes of exaggerated racial stereotypes and loaded racist imagery from the antebellum South is like being trapped in a nightmare. Scrawny Ma...

Trapped in the ’Net

Jimmy Fowler
Most theater artists think that audiences for serious live drama are graying, dwindling, and not being replenished with young ticket-buyers. The latter’s attention span, the old saw goes, has been impaired by the non-dema...

Big Shoe

Leonard Eureka
It was touch and go for a while, but Texas Ballet Theater finally came up with enough money to open its season last week, and the audience at the Majestic Theater in Dallas approved enthusiastically.