Trapped in the ’Net

Jimmy Fowler
Most theater artists think that audiences for serious live drama are graying, dwindling, and not being replenished with young ticket-buyers. The latter’s attention span, the old saw goes, has been impaired by the non-dema...

Big Shoe

Leonard Eureka
It was touch and go for a while, but Texas Ballet Theater finally came up with enough money to open its season last week, and the audience at the Majestic Theater in Dallas approved enthusiastically.

Arts Notes

Being born a sharecropper’s son in 1915 on the outskirts of Fort Worth isn’t the background you might expect from someone who’d eventually be recognized as a pioneering artist. But David Brownlow rose above hi...

Hot Topic

Like the poor saps in China who signed up to “protest” the Olympics – they basically got in line to go to jail – about 20 folks stepped up to the plates at the Will Rogers Exhibit Hall last Saturday for ...

Art Notes

Carved from a piece of red sandstone that was part of Fort Worth’s first public library, sculptor Evaline Sellors’ “Head of Eve” is the centerpiece of Cultural Cornerstones: The Sculpture of Gene Owens a...

Eastern Stars

You needn’t have suffered a wretched family holiday to appreciate The Long Christmas Ride Home, though it may help. Stage West is currently performing Paula Vogel’s bitterly funny portrait of one freezing-cold, trea...

The Art of Politics

      It hasn’t escaped the notice of our local artists that there’s an election season fast approaching. The Gallery Night show at Artspace 111 features Ed Blackburn’s depictions of current events. This sh...


After three years, FWSO finally completes its ambitious Mahler cycle.


Leonard Eureka
To call the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s three-year Mahler cycle a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear the maestro’s remarkable symphonic output isn’t far off the mark. The length and size of his nine co...

Home for Wayward Comedians?

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but comedy open-mics are few and far between. For a time a while back, Fort Worth was home to almost a handful of them, with the most popular happening on Sunday nights at the old Black...